A beautiful fairytale

So how many of you are bleary-eyed today from staying up to watch the royal wedding? I, on the other hand, was waaay too exhausted after writing my final exam last night, so I passed out. However, I did record it on PVR and spent most of my morning watching it :) – hence the late post for today…{sheepish grin}. It truly was a real-life fairytale. Sigh…

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Don’t you love how the commentators keep speculating about where Kate went for her pre-wedding spa day? Because you know, if that info gets leaked into the media – the lucky business would flourish instantly. Ohh yes, she’s a trendsetter – that Kate! Well, since we can’t all fly to London to frequent Kate’s favourite spas, what about giving yourself the princess spa treatment in your own home? I think we all deserve a bit of pampering! Philosophy has the cutest set called ‘The Bride’ containing 5 pieces of skin care and body care products. It includes a 1 oz Hope in a Jar, a 2 oz Purity Made Simple, a 2 oz Amazing Grace 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, a 2 oz Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion, and a 1 oz Amazing Grace Hand Cream.

And the adorable hat box? You get to keep that too – perfect to house that fabulous royal-wedding-worthy hat you surely have purchased to celebrate this momentous occasion! I couldn’t help but gawk at all the hats on those classy ladies today – they are really pieces of art!

Well, I hope you do something special to spoil yourselves this weekend – time to give yourself the royal treatment girls!


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