A day in the life of Miss Beauty Nerd…

Dear Miss Beauty Nerd,
This is not a question as such, but a message of appreciation. Your blog is so lovely!
I found it quite fascinating that Connie, you went and studied Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing after studying Chemistry. I have just finished my Bachelor’s in Chemistry and I thought (because most people when they ask me, “what do you want to do with Chemistry?” give me odd looks when I reply “I hope to work in the cosmetics chemistry industry”) I was the only person who was interested in this industry as well as the science behind it!
I guess what I’m eager to know about, without invading personal privacy, is what your job is like? What is a day-in-the-life-of Connie?

Hi C,
Wow! I’m so flattered! I don’t necessarily think that ‘a day in the life of Connie’ would be that exciting, but I remember that before I started working in the industry, I too, dreamed about the life of a girl with a career in beauty. The great thing about working in this field is that it’s never boring. Things are always changing – there are always new ingredients, new delivery systems and innovative new textures being discovered (all things that tickle my fancy!). Trends are always evolving and it’s up to the beauty companies to spot them.

In terms of my typical day, I’m still getting myself oriented into my new routine. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know that I was pursuing my MBA for the last 2.5 years, so that has kept me quite busy. Of course, I’ve always been testing beauty products and blogging along the way.

Now that I’m done school however, I’m dedicating full time to Project M, a skincare line that I’m developing and hoping to launch next year. Every morning, I always start out with a cup of tea while I peruse through the news, blog posts from my favourite bloggers and the various beauty newsletters to which I subscribe. Of course, true start-up style, I work from home as you can see :)! I then get myself oriented with what I need to tackle on my to-do list. Usually, the list entails emailing suppliers, having strategy/marketing/financial discussions with my friend Danielle who is helping me with Project M at the moment or… my favourite part… testing the samples that my lab sends me.

So just to give you a bit of background, I typically decide what raw materials/ingredients I want in the formulas, specify the textures, colours and fragrance and then I work together with the lab to create the perfect formula.

And many other days, I am attending networking events, checking out other boutiques for inspiration or attending beauty events. I love my career in beauty because it gives me the perfect mix of creativity while allowing me to put my Chemistry know-how to good use. Beauty has definitely been my unwavering passion and I can’t imagine trading it in for any other type of career!

I hope this post has inspired you to pursue your own dreams in the beauty industry. Always feel free to reach out and ask me questions!


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