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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you are enjoying our random musings and tidbits about beauty things, inspirations and other stuff that make us smile. We love to muse over ‘all things pretty,’ frequently drawing inspirations from weddings and its swoon-evoking details. We find that these feminine, yet exquisite elements often translate nicely to lovely packaging and many other well-designed luxuries. By sharing our beauty inspirations {efficacious + vanity-worthy beauty products} and lifestyle inspirations {great food + happiness}, we hope that this blog will not only provide you with a beauty-filled place for escape and discovery, but also become your virtual boudoir, where you can relish in many, many pretty things.

Chronicles of a Beauty Nerd was started because many friends, family and other peeps seemed utterly confused when trying to navigate the plethora of beauty products on the market, decipher the truthfulness behind their claims and select the appropriate skin care for their needs. Someone suggested that a ‘beauty-obsessed nerd’ should create a blog to clear up some of this confusion, and so, Chronicles of a Beauty Nerd was born. To pique the interest of colour fanatics as well, a ‘colour nerd’ was enlisted for her expertise in makeup artistry.

A little about me: Everyone has a dream. Mine is to develop beauty products. I’ve pursued it since I was 14. My mom tells me that I used to spend hours in front of the mirror, putting on tinted chapstick (I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup back then). I religiously bought fashion magazines just to look at the beauty ads. I read the ingredient lists on every beauty product I purchased, even before I understood what any of them were. Over time, my obsessions expanded to include other pretty things, most notably, anything involving lace, pearls, macarons, gorgeous stationery and tea parties. My heart goes pitter patter for little, lovely details found in beauty, fashion, art, packaging and home décor. But I am a daughter to Chinese parents, and apparently adoring ‘lovely things’ is not a good career choice. So I studied Chemistry and earned my ‘nerd’ title.
Claim to Fame: Made my way to the Big Apple to study Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Then, I worked at Bliss for 3 years developing skin care and body care – this is where I learned to express my creativity, satisfy my mad-scientist tendencies and play with pretty products – loads of fun!! In 2008, I followed my husband to Toronto, where I worked at Cargo Cosmetics, developing cosmetics and cool packaging for a year.
Currently: Beauty blogger and MBA student!
Been known to: hob-nob with fashion + beauty divas and converse with tech-savvy scientists in the same breath. Does that make me bi-lingual?

A little about me: I’m just a girl with an obsession with all things beauty, all things pretty and kitties (yes, kitties)!  All things pretty extends to many other things, but we’ll keep it beauty related for the purpose of this blog.  It was through these shared obsessions and working together at a cosmetics counter many years ago, that Connie and I forged a fierce friendship. What am I doing here?  Connie forced asked me to share some product loves and packaging loves for fellow Beauty Nerds and also to give you a different perspective. 
Claim to Fame: Over the years, I’ve worked as a makeup artist and have a deep appreciation for good design.   I’ll be mainly sharing pretty little things (things that look gorgeous and are worthy to sit on your vanity table – hey, when you have product overload, your vanity table is considered prime real estate space)!  I’ll also be sharing some makeup products that I love and maybe a trick or two. :)

Over the years in the beauty business, we have decidedly narrowed the criteria by which we evaluate products to what we call “The 3 S’s”: Sophistication, Science and Swoon-factor…

{Sophistication} – We are constantly seeking products that exude an aura of classy sophistication in both formula and package design. Textures should be luxurious and meticulously well-crafted. Package design should be enticing, elegant and command ‘love at first sight.’
{Science} – What good is a product that looks pretty but doesn’t function? As much as we love to use gorgeously packaged products as accents to our vanity décor, we have a ‘don’t just sit there and look pretty’ kind of policy. We guess this is our nerdy side, especially with Connie being trained in chemistry and all. We want the best quality ingredients and the latest technologies as part of our beauty regimen!
{Swoon-factor} – Ultimately, beauty to us is about living a beautiful lifestyle, and the relentless pursuit of happiness. Do you ever see a product so pretty or touch a cream so luxe that your heart flutters in pure joy? Well, that my friend, is the swoon factor.

Source: etsy.com via Connie on Pinterest

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