Animal lovers unite this holiday, and give back

Hey Beauty Nerds,

No matter how much we primp, prime and adorn ourselves with “all things pretty”, ultimately, real and sustainable beauty is going to come from true happiness. For Jane and I, one of our greatest joys comes from our baby kitties. They are our our companions, our friends, our family. We know that many of you may have spoiled brats like ours below (do they look spoiled or what?). And because our babies have been so fortunate to be adopted by us :), we also recognize that many other animals may not be blessed with the same kind of fate.

In spirit of the holidays, we have chosen 2 animal charities that we would like to support: The Best Friends Animal Humane Society in the US and the Animal Aid Foundation in Canada. We urge you to find it in your hearts this season to make a donation to one of these charities. You can help save an animal, giving them a chance of living the kind of life that our own spoiled pets have only known.

At the Best Friends Animal Society, you can even sponsor a particular animal. Personally, our hearts go out to a kitty named Big Snow.

Here’s Big Snow’s story:
Big Snow would use the litter box if he could! But he can’t. He was stepped on by a horse, and can never be a continent cat again. What’s worse, his family tossed him out for it. But now he’s at Best Friends, where there’s a special room for cats with his problem. It’s called the Incontinental Suite, and Big Snow loves it there so much that he’s appointed himself “head comforter”. When new cats arrive, sad and lonely because they too have lost their homes to incontinence, Big Snow is always the first to snuggle up to them. He still has a slightly twisted paw from the horse accident, but that doesn’t stop him from inviting the newcomers to play!
Won’t you help support a cat like Big Snow to live out a long, sociable life here at the sanctuary? Sponsor him today!

Yes, we may be cat fanatics, but you can sponsor any kind of animal, be it a dog, bird, rabbit, horse – the choices are unlimited at the Best Friends Animal Society!

So let’s spice this up a little. For every “like” that we get on this post between now and December 31, we will donate a dollar. The donation will be split 50-50 between sponsoring Big Snow at the Best Friends Society and the Animal Aid Foundation.

Even if you do not reside in North America, please find a local animal charity, and don’t forget to “like” this post to support our cause!

Thanks so much for your unbelievable generosity!

Yours truly,

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