Anthropologie’s Fragrance Pencils

I’m a sucker for pretty stationery. Every September, my favorite scholarly activity is to go school supply shopping. How academic of me, I know. And if you have been following this blog for awhile, you also know that I am also a sucker for beauty products and tea. Well miraculously, someone… and by that someone I mean Anthropologie, created a product that combines all of these things. Wow, someone created a product just for me. I’m just kidding, I’m not that narcissistic! In all seriousness though, I love discovering innovation in the beauty industry and Anthropologie’s new fragrance pencils are one of those golden finds. Not only are their fragrance pencils a clever, travel-friendly way of delivering solid perfume, each scent is crafted with a beautiful combination of tea-inspired accords, so you are bound to find one that jives with your skin chemistry. I love the idea of being able to add this darling pencil to my collection of highlighters, pens and pencils. Don’t judge… surrounding myself with calming tea aromas may be just what I need while I’m studying :) – they don’t exactly teach you how to de-stress in business school you know!

Scouring the globe for tea-specific locales, they chose six for this collection, each fragrance paying homage to a tea from that specific region. Here is the sweetly scented collection, with descriptions taken from the Anthropologie website.

Hamarikyu Gardens by Marypierre: green tea-inspired, featuring sweetened lemon and bergamot zest, verbena and the softest amber (FRESH)

1856 Darjeeling by Adriana Medina: touches of cardamom, mint, fresh jasmine and cedarwood highlight this yellow tea blend (FLORAL)

Cape Of Good Hope by Claude Dir: a steeped blend of red tea leaves and lemon, gardenia petals and musk (FLORAL)

5 O’Clock At Belvoir Castle by Stephen Nilsen: crisp bergamot and heady jasmine, sandalwood and damp moss (SPICE)

Silk Road Caravan by Stephen Nilsen: white tea buds and fresh apricot paired with peony and vanilla (FRUIT)

Taverns & The Hague by Caroline Sabas: exotic Oolong spiked with mandarin and lemon zest, violet leaves and rich musk (FRESH)

Sigh, my obsession for stationery has just been taken to a whole new level. Hmmm.. I wonder when should I “pencil” in my next shopping expedition to Anthropologie?


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