Beauty hot spots in my hometown!

Hi Beauty Nerds,

This week, I am visiting family in Edmonton, Alberta, where according to my Mom, minus 17°C is considered warm.

Yes, Edmonton is a small city, but that does not stop people from indulging in beauty products as well! Here are a couple of beauty retailers I’ve visited during my trip….

Beautiful store. 2 stories of great brands. The main floor is mostly color cosmetics and upstairs is mainly skin care. I was about to purchase a Biotherm cream for my sister-in-law when I was shocked to discover the tester was warm to the touch. Even more surprising, when I peered into the jar itself, I noticed the cream was separating – very unusual for a Biotherm product! Immediately, I checked to see if the products behind the tester were also warm – and they were! All the products were actually cooking under the warm lights illuminating the shelves! That made the decision quick for me – I was not going to purchase a cream on an accelerated path to spoilage! (Hopefully this is an isolated problem that Murale will soon be able to get a handle on.)

With that said however, Murale carries some really nice lines that are not easily found in other stores – for example June Jacobs, a botanical-infused spa-based skin care line and B. Kamins, a line known for their efficacious, pharmaceutical grade skin care ingredients.

Beauty Junkie
An independent beauty boutique in Edmonton that claims to be the “new haven for self-proclaimed beauty addicts,” and I couldn’t agree more! I have to admit, this was the first time that I stopped in, but the decor is soo cute – pink everywhere! It was like living my childhood fantasy of being in a beauty boutique filled with all beauty goodness! They carry some unique brands like Eyeko, MOR, Paul & Joe – products which I deem pure eye candy! Unfortunately, they were closing down the store, due to stiff competition from the big boys (Sephora and Murale, namely) but they will still keep their online store open for business. At least I can still go online for my Paul & Joe fix (I was only able to find it in the EU, Asia and US previously)!

Rocky Mountain Soap Company
An innovative little company that has just spread quickly over the last couple years. Walking in, you are greeted with multi-colored, 100% natural soaps presented in a very raw, organic kind of way. I was immediately hooked onto the delicate and natural scents and the irregular marbled effect of the soaps, giving it an interesting visual appeal. My only wish is that the soaps would produce a nicer, thicker lather to improve my washing experience. Definitely a great universal gift idea though!

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Hope the holidays have been good to you this year :)!


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