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One of my favourite things about blogging is meeting other peeps who share my love for beauty and design. Today’s guest blogger is one of them. After getting hooked on her beauty review videos on youtube and discovering her knack for design (and by that I mean, she’s actually a designer), I began knowing Jenn for her frank and objective view about beauty products, frequently conveyed through a design-filtered lens. Needless to say, she is a perfect fit for our ‘Pretty Little Things’ category so I couldn’t help myself – I had to ask her to write a guest post on Beauty Nerd. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Jenn Staz.

As consumers, we’re bombarded with so many products. What will really make a certain product stand out from the crowd? Pushy advertising has its place and may work sometimes, but when you’re at a store and are being presented with aisles and aisles of things promising the world to you, you may find that you are gravitated to a certain product because of a little je ne sais quoi.

Coming from a design background, I am definitely aware of the importance of product appearances and presentation. Packaging can make or break a product. A good branding strategy can make a consumer feel attached to a certain product (think Apple products, for example). Here are three beauty products that pull at my design heartstrings.

Tarte Eyeshadow Palettes
In a world where high end makeup fights each other with its shiny packaging and allure, Tarte really pushes the envelope with its stylized eyeshadow palette designs. Each palette stands unique from its counterparts, yet still screams “chic” and a little edgy. These palettes are Tarte’s neutralEYES natural eye shadow palette, TEN limited-edition collector’s eyeshadow palette, and the femme naturale eyeshadow palette. I love these designs because they grab your attention by being mysterious (is that makeup or a clutch?), and the designs are contemporary and echo current fashion trends.

eos lip balm (smooth sphere) and hand lotion
eos, or Evolution of Smooth, isn’t afraid to go organic. I’m not talking about organic ingredients, but organic design. Organic design can be difficult to accomplish in terms of anything, with amorphous silhouettes that make you think of a living creature or plants. From a manufacturer’s standpoint, this type of design isn’t the most cost effective because of wasted space in terms of shipping or the amount of materials used to house a product. But, on the consumer side, would you rather your lip balm be in a boring tube, or in this fun sphere? Do you want your hand cream in a tube, or a fun grippy case that fits comfortably into your hand? This modern spin on a lip balm pot and hand cream tube leaves these products highly desired; its minimalistic approach is fun, quirky, and sculptural. Plus, the slightly grippy but almost velvety material choice for these products is brilliant and is way more interesting than hard shiny plastic. Whenever I whip my eos out of my purse, I always get comments on it.

Prada Eau de Parfum
Here’s a perfect example of really inventive packaging design. If you’re a designer and you sit down to completely re-envision a product, sometimes all you need to do is make something a little “off”. The rectangular glass case is normal, and the cylinder diffuser top is also. The materials are very common. What makes this special is the quirk. This designer dared to make the slightest change by sliding the nozzle to be asymmetrical, which really makes it stand out from other fragrances, yet still maintaining that classic air. Also, the organic shape housed inside its rigid glass house is a good juxtaposition of lines.

I give major props to any company that comes up with a packaging design with intrigue, especially if it doesn’t sacrifice the product’s functionality. In the beauty product world, thinking outside of the box (or lip balm tube) really pays off!

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