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Happy Monday lovelies!
Today, I’d like to feature one particularly talented beauty blogger that has always been one of my personal favs. Her impeccable style and witty blogging voice kept me coming back to her site time and time again. We ultimately ‘met’ through Twitter, and I quickly discovered that she is also unbelievably sweet and down-to-earth!

So, if you haven’t met her already, let me introduce you to Elizabeth Dehn, editor of the hugely popular blog, Beauty Bets. As a lifestyle writer and beauty blogger, Elizabeth has tried beauty products galore. So of course, it’s no surprise that she began to develop a clear idea for what she likes – 100% natural ingredients + pretty packaging and what she doesn’t like – products filled with glycols, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates, and/or synthetic dyes or fragrances. It seemed only natural for Elizabeth to then develop a smart trio of skin must-haves – Shea Cream, The Serum and Face Spray. That’s right, she has officially launched her new line – By Elizabeth Dehn. And… aren’t I lucky. I had the privilege of testing out the Shea Cream and Face Spray, two products that I quickly dubbed ‘The Dynamic Duo.’

‘Dynamic Duo’ numero uno is the Face Spray. Why? This wonderfully refreshing facial mist acts as the perfect little pick-me-up anytime your skin is feeling a little parched. It smells cucumber-fresh and my skin just drinks it up! ($28)

The second is this gorgeous ‘indulgence in a jar’ Shea Cream which is packed to the rim – no exaggeration! I like to warm just a smidgen between my hands and the cream literally melts into a rich, beautifully scented face balm, which I then pat into my skin so that it can soak up all of its goodness. And because it’s perfect for my dry/sensitive skin, you can bet I will be slathering it generously throughout the winter months! ($54)

All of Elizabeth’s amazing products can be found on her online shop or at Shop Pretty Mommy (go to the latter if you’re in Canada). And don’t forget to check out her awesome blog while you’re at it!


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