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It has been just under a year since I’ve entered the blogging/twitter world, and I have to say, I am still amazed by all the extremely brilliant and creative people that I meet online. I am so excited about the limitless opportunities to collaborate with people that inspire me. Today, I am very pleased to introduce one such person whose photography work is simply breathtaking. Her name is Dorit Thies and she is a Los Angeles-based photographer, who has an impeccable eye for design. Her work reveals an innate talent for capturing unique perspectives with a stylistic flair, be it in travel, fashion or beauty. Dorit has inspired me so much, that I have created a new category on this blog, dedicated solely to showcasing various artistic photography work in the beauty industry.

Although her images require no words (they are simply jaw-droppingly beautiful), I still wanted her to explain how she became such a genius behind the camera.

Here is a brief interview I had with Dorit:
Connie: How did you get started in photography?
Dorit: I was working as a hair and makeup artist for about 15 years in both Europe and the US when I realized that I wanted to take my own images. I was missing the real creative collaborations with other photographers in the US. I started assisting a few selected photographers from whom I learned different lighting techniques and then quickly started shooting on my own.

Connie: Out of all kinds of photography, why did you choose to specialize in the beauty industry?
Dorit: Shooting beauty is very close to my heart and it developed naturally because I am a makeup artist. I understand beauty and enjoy pushing images to another level. I am very passionate when it comes to my work and I enjoy collaborating with talented people. It is like magic when you connect and sync with other talent and then create some truly strong and unique work that comes from your own source.

Connie: Where do you draw your inspirations for your work?
Dorit: Nature is one of my biggest inspirations but then, of course, I also get inspired by the latest makeup products and fashion trends. I draw ideas from interesting lighting techniques that require a little bit of experimentation. I love getting lost in different tribal cultures and I admire photographers like Melvin Solkolsky, Nick Knight or Tyen who really push the boundaries on all levels and aren’t afraid to experiment and create unique work.

Connie: What tips would you give an aspiring beauty photographer?
Dorit: For someone who is starting out as a beauty photographer I suggest to find your own voice. Don’t copy what has been created. Get really, really good at lighting. Also, either learn to be excellent at Photoshop or pay someone that is better than you. Make sure that if you do the latter, pick someone that you can communicate well with. Beauty images have to be retouched one way or the other. Some clients tell me they want less retouching, some tell me they want more. It is all about personal taste. Collaborate with makeup artists that are fearless and don’t be afraid to try something new. Try to submit your work to online magazines that are open to taking submissions. Use this venue as a way to get published. You won’t get paid but you can collect publications and that is how you get recognition.

Connie: If you were only allowed 3 makeup items for your models during a photo shoot, what would they be?
Dorit: Clear lipglass by MAC, Smog Eyeshadow by Urban Decay , and No regret lipstick by iqbeauty of course!.

Connie: Thank you so much Dorit!! It has truly been a pleasure! We look forward to seeing you back here to show us more of your gorgeous work in the future!

I hope you are enjoying these images as much as I am, Beauty Nerds. Please don’t forget to check out Dorit’s site by clicking here. Makeup done by the talented Iris Moreau.

And of course, today I am announcing the winners of the Dr. Jart BB Creams giveaway – drumroll please…

Congrats to both Jenny and Loisa – please send me an email with your full name and mailing address so I can send you your prizes! Our email address is: Thanks to everyone else who has participated in the giveaway!


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