Benefit Cosmetics’ debuts their short documentary film – Glamouriety!

Last night, Danielle and I were invited to attend the much anticipated screening of Benefit Cosmetics’ documentary film, Glamouriety! Featuring the founders of Benefit, identical twins Jean and Jane Ford, Glamouriety is a tale about their beauty career and their evolution from ‘farm to fame.’

Benefit’s quirky personality was everywhere. In fact, as soon as we arrived on the 2nd floor of the Scotiabank Theatre, we were greeted with a life-size poster for their They’re Real Mascara. A fun cut-out of the face meant that we could stick our own faces into the poster and take photos while we waited in line to sign in. Of course, how could we resist?

As we made our way into the lounge, there were sweets galore! Danielle and I grabbed plastic bags and scooped some jelly beans and sour candy to enjoy later during the screening.

There were also fantastic prizes to be won through a raffle that happened right before we started the show. Benefit gift baskets? Yes please!

My luck has never been fantastic for draws, so I had to get a picture in front of all the goodies before they were all given away :).

Danielle enjoys some pink lemonade as we mingle…

And what better way to convey quirky, over-the-top glamour than with a couple of drag queens? I’m sure you can tell, she’s quite a character!

The film was adorable, starting with cartoon representations of Jane and Jean Ford in the early years, through to their acquisition by LVMH which has enabled them to become a global brand. Interspersed throughout, were fun re-enactments of some of their early customers including a stripper who asked the twins to create a tint for her nipples. Fast forward to today, and this product is what you know now as the infamous Benetint! Don’t you love these stories? What a fun, fun brand… it’s no wonder they have international success…


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