Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara

So you know how about a month ago, I attended the Benefit Cosmetics event for the launch of Maggie and Annie’s Fall palettes (they are the daughters of Benefit co-founder Jean Ford)? Well, Maggie also spoke about an exciting new mascara that they recently launched called ‘They’re Real.’ First of all, how phenomenal is that name? You gotta leave it to Benefit for their supreme cheekiness! Second, take a look at the print ad they created for this mascara… I think it’s absolutely hysterical!

Anyway, I didn’t want to write a review on the mascara right away since I wanted to give myself ample of time to test drive it first. For a lengthening mascara, I would have to say it’s pretty good. My lashes were nicely separated, the formula was not clumpy and the brush glided from root to tip quite seamlessly. Keep in mind, I’m not a lengthening mascara kind of girl. I actually much prefer the thickening formulas, so I found myself using my regular DiorShow Mascara first, before adding ‘They’re Real’ on top. Hey, my Asian lashes needs all the help they can get!

As you know, mascaras are all about the brush (well, almost all). In the last couple of years, the rubber-tipped wands have taken the industry by storm and this one is no different. Maggie spoke to us about how it took almost 2 years to develop this mascara because they wanted to achieve the perfect the brush. They also created a ball-shaped tip (may be hard to tell from this photo), intended to help push your lashes upwards for maximum lift and curl. The ball tip, as we were told, could also be used to lengthen your bottom lashes if you hold the wand perpendicular to your eye. While I did love the idea of using the tip of the wand to push my lashes upwards, I found that it didn’t fare quite as well on my bottom lashes. My bottom lashes ended up looking a bit clumpy and unnatural. All in all though, I don’t have huge expectations for it being a good bottom lash mascara, so I would give it still give it a thumbs up for being a decent, overall lengthening mascara…

Have you tried the new They’re Real mascara? What are your thoughts?


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