Best Beauty App for Beauty Enthusiasts

About a year ago, I had a dream. I dreamt of a beauty app that would grant me instant access to product info, reviews, and tutorials with just a simple scan of a bar code (all of which could be done on my iphone, of course). I wished for the ability to easily drop my ‘must-haves’ into a shopping cart and and make purchases directly from my phone. I also imagined a world where gift registries would no longer be restricted to weddings or baby showers, but that they would be extended to birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and more. I mean, why not? Frankly, I think it’s wasteful to purchase gifts that people may not like, only to have it given away or re-gifted afterwards…

Congrats Sephora, for being the first one to create a truly innovative, user-friendly app, that successfully serves to fuel the obsession of so many Beauty Nerds around the world. Awesome.

Several months ago, my dream came true. FINALLY! Sephora came out with their beauty app that granted me everything I dreamt of and more. You can create shopping lists, watch Sephora’s how-to videos, save your past purchases, receive and/or give beauty advice and even share your fav products to your friends on Facebook! After 3 long years (that’s how long I’ve owned my iphone), I have downloaded and experimented with numerous beauty apps, none of which have been even worth writing about. So all I can say is, AT LAST !!


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