Asian Skin

Dear Miss Beauty Nerd, I just came across your blog, love it! I was wondering what skincare regime you utilize? You have such nice skin! I am korean and find it hard to relate to other beauty blogs that focus just on western skin. Also have you ever tried an BB creams before? Thanks! Sincerely,


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Truth Serum

Dear Miss Beauty Nerd, What are your thoughts about serums? Thanks,


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Need a ‘hand’ in deciding what to use this winter?

Dear Miss Beauty Nerd, With a young baby to take care of, I have to wash my hands a million times during the day. Now that the colder weather is here my hands are horribly dry. Yet anytime I use a hand cream I find it gets WORSE.


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Stage Makeup

Source: via Connie on Pinterest Dear Miss Beauty Nerd, I was wishing that I knew a makeup expert, and then I realized that I do know a makeup expert! I am in a musical, and they want us to wear stage makeup, not regular makeup. The are recommending the Ben Nye kit. From the […]


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Ask Miss Beauty Nerd

Hi Beauty Nerds! After receiving and answering some beauty-related questions directly through email, it suddenly dawned on me that I should be sharing this very valuable information with other beauty nerds that may have the same question!

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