55 Best and Worst US cities for your skin

Call me a nerd, but I love infographics. Yesterday, I was sent a really interesting one from Daily Glow which featured the 55 best and worst cities for your skin. I wish it included Canadian cities, but it was still interesting to see.


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School Tools {Part 2 – hair essentials}

Source: ffffound.com via Connie on Pinterest I’m in NYC!! I’ll be attending an all day media conference today and then looking forward to reconnecting with old friends over the weekend… Lucky for me, the wonderful Karina shares {part 2} of her guest blog today!


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School Tools {Part 1 – invest in quality brushes}

Source: sterlingstyle.net via Connie on Pinterest Happy Family Day or President’s Day Beauty Nerds! This week, I am scrambling to try to finish all my work before I head to NYC, so I could not be more thrilled that my dear classmate Karina is guest blogging! Her 2 part post (first part today, second part […]


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Beat your Skin’s Winter Woes

Source: imagesgonerogue.com via Connie on Pinterest Can you believe it’s already February? We are in the worst of the winter months and if you live in a dry climate like I do, chances are, your skin is feeling it. You didn’t think Miss Beauty Nerd would allow you to get through this winter without sharing […]


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How to fake being ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’

Source: decor8blog.com via Elena on Pinterest Hi Miss Beauty Nerd, What suggestions do you have to reduce/conceal under eye circles? As a fellow MBA student, sleep is a scarce luxury and the flourescent lights at work and school exaggerate the bags! Any suggestions you have would be appreciated! Cheers,

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