Coloured Hair Chalk: A Wanabee-Rockstar’s Dream Realized

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Greetings, fellow Beauty Nerds! Ashley, here. I’m so thrilled to be filling in for Connie while she enjoys the white, sandy beaches of the Mayan Riviera (insert jealousy here). HAHA not even – no one deserves a vacay more than that busy bee! Connie and I worked together a few years ago for a beauty brand – the office would fill with our voices trilling with excitement over the latest beauty discoveries and obsessions (seriously, I think our voices went 8 octaves higher when we ‘talked shop’) True Beauty Nerds indeed! I’ve learned so much from Connie over the years and what a joy it has been to see her connect with so many fellow Beauty Nerds such as your gorgeous selves!

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As a child of the 80’s, I was obsessed with Jem and the Holograms. Okay I confess…I still am! “Glamour and glitter; fashion and fame” – the epic line in the theme song was my mantra. And what I loved most? The colourful tresses the cartoon rock band sported. Oh, how I longed for Kimber’s fire engine red mane or Aja’s electric blue ‘do! Plus, a hot-hued mane equated to instant rock n’ roll status in my mind (even if I didn’t have that garage band I always wanted to start up). But those who know me know that I’m a DIVA (yes, in all-caps) when it comes to my hair. Stripping my naturally chestnut brown hair and dying it in a punchy shades of the rainbow required mega-commitment – through good hair days and bad. Needless to say, I never ventured down that path.

But it seems I’m not the only one the fabulous four left an impression on – streaks of hot pink, intense purple and electric blue in hair have been spotted everywhere recently, from the runway to celebrities. And thanks to the latest coloured hair powder craze, we get to channel our inner rock star with our locks highlighted in a multitude of bright, bold hues. And the best part? We can wash it out before our Monday morning meeting! Major score!

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I recently tried (and fell in love with) Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug – a compact chalk available in wild shades of hot pink (my personal fave), vivacious purple and striking orange. Simply swipe the chalk onto hair wherever colour is desired and voilà – instant impact! The only hitch is that powder residue can rub off onto clothing depending on where it’s applied (ie: ends of your hair). So to help lock in colour, I recommend finishing with a fine mist hairspray. Intense or subtle, this product allows you to take full control and create a colourful style that is tailored to you. Who doesn’t love that?!

And just like Jerrica Benton transforms into Jem, this look evokes a rock n’ roll attitude that temps me to raise the metal sign and start that garage band after all. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch…but it’s a fun, wearable and temporary look that anyone can pull off. For hair colour commitmophobes and eccentric enthusiasts, this is definitely a trend to try! Electric guitar not included.


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