Complexion-enhancing Blueberry Rooibos Tea

Okay, okay – you know I love tea, but how can I actually enjoy a hot cup of tea when it’s blazing hot outside? Why, make it iced of course! Last week when I, ahem, invited myself to Divya’s place (from Flavour Fiesta), I brought over some of my Prickly Pear Rooibos tea that I purchased from the Tea Emporium. I wanted a recipe for an iced tea that’s refreshing, delicious and great for the skin, so naturally, I turn to Divya, who literally came up with a recipe in seconds.

I love sipping on ice tea – it’s a refreshing drink that’s perfect for enjoying the warm weather we’ve been experiencing. Most commercial ice teas are loaded with sugar, so why not try making some at home? I took one sip of the tea Connie brought over and knew it would make the perfect ice tea with some ripe blueberries and a splash of lime.

Note: We used the rooibos-prickly pear tea from Tea Emporium, but if you are unable to find it, regular rooibos will work perfectly well!

serves 2

3 measuring cups water
3 tsp rooibos tea leaves
¼ lemon/lime, juiced
Ice cubes

Blueberry syrup
½ cup blueberries
3 tsp brown sugar
¼ cup water

Step 1: Boil the water for the tea. Place the tea leaves in a tea strainer and let them steep in the hot water for 5 minutes. Remove the leaves and cool the tea to room temperature.

Step 2: Prepare the syrup by heating the blueberries, sugar and water for 2-3 minutes on medium heat in a small saucepan. Continue to heat until the mixtures reduces to half. Strain and cool the syrup.

Step 3: Mix the ice tea and the syrup and chill in the fridge.

Serve the tea with ice and a lemon/lime wedge. Drink up!

I was rather indifferent to the flavour of rooibos when I first tried it. Its flavour has an earthy, almost wheat-like quality to it, and yet the aroma is pretty sheer. A little bland? Maybe. But because I know that rooibos is amazing for my skin, I am more compelled to consume it by the glass. Add in Divya’s blueberry syrup for an extra boost of antioxidants and a hint of sweetness? I can now consume it by the gallons… So, why is rooibos THE next big thing for ‘beauty from within’?

Rooibos tea: Here’s a cool fact: rooibos doesn’t come from the same tea plant (camellia sinensis) as green teas, black teas or oolong teas. It comes from the South African red bush and it is loaded with minerals and flavonoids (your super antioxidants). Rooibos’ antioxidant prowess will cast away free radicals responsible for irreversible cellular damage or ageing. Its anti-inflammatory properties will also keep your skin calm and collected. Unlike traditional teas, it does not contain any caffeine. So if you are adverse to caffeine in any way, this is the tea for you! Drink up, Beauty Nerds – here, here to gorgeous skin!

Blueberries: One of the best fruits in terms of its antioxidant power. Not only is it amazing for your skin, studies have shown that blueberries are great for brain health too! Now who doesn’t want to be both smart and beautiful??

Lime: One study found that citrus juices could actually improve your body’s absorption of catechins (antioxidants found in tea). While the study is still inconclusive, I say, hey, even if there’s only a slight possibility that it will boost my catechin absorption, I will be religiously adding citrus to my teas. At the very least, I’ll have a deliciously flavoured tea!

Let us know how it goes – leave a comment!


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