Cranberry Cider

As Divya from Flavour Fiesta and I brainstormed what Thanksgiving food/drink we should make for this week’s post that’s both beauty-approved and ‘not turkey’ (because we’re sure you’ll have plenty of that to spare), we finally came up with a delicious, warm cider made with a festive holiday fruit – cranberries!

Cranberries are wonderfully tart with just a bit of sweetness that works well in not only cranberry sauce but a variety of desserts such as tarts or pudding. But we all know, you’ll be eating a lot this weekend, so why not try something with cranberries that’s both warm and comforting?
Mulled apple cider is a fall staple in North America. It’s sweet with just the right amount of warmth from spices such as cinnamon and cloves. This mulled cranberry-apple cider is my take on traditional mulled apple cider with a little tart flavour from the cranberries. It has the perfect blend of spices that will leave you wanting more!

I have to admit that I’m intrigued by spices and their ability to transform any recipe to new levels. I had never used star anise before, but since it’s a key ingredient in mulled cider I decided to try it out. I’m glad I did -the star anise adds a slight liquorice flavour that makes the drink somewhat refreshing, like adding mint. Now I’m wondering how I can use star anise more often!

serves 2

3 cups apple cider/pressed apple juice
½ cup water
3 cloves
3 cardamon pods
2 cinnamon sticks
2 star anise pods
¾ cup cranberries

Step 1: Lightly crush the cranberries with a pot or rolling pin.
Step 2: Heat the apple cider, water, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise and cranberries on medium-low heat for 25 minutes in a covered saucepan. Leave a small opening for steam to escape.
Step 3: Strain the liquid and serve with a few fresh cranberries as garnish. Enjoy!

The crisp fall weather calls for some tender-loving care for your skin. Even if your Thanksgiving dinner is not filled with skin-beautifying ingredients, this cranberry cocktail may help negate some of those unhealthy temptations… here’s why…

Apple juice: Do you know how apples protect themselves from UVB rays? They have built-in apple polyphenols! Take a gulp of this and you too, can enjoy these protective benefits.

Cranberries: I’ve never liked cranberries on its own simply because of its pucker-inducing effects, but the health benefits are undeniable. In addition to Vitamin C, cranberries are bursting with phytonutrients. Expect to harness its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits!

Star anise: This little star-shaped plant smells wonderfully like black licorice and is an age-old ingredient traditionally used to relieve abdominal cramps. It has even been known to help with mild forms of acne. I figure, in the event that stomach aches or blemishes ensue? I’m covered!

Cardamon: With warming abilities like cinnamon, this little spice can aid with digestion… and trust me, on Thanksgiving, you will need some aid with digestion!

Cinnamon: If you’re fingers and toes get unusually cold, it could be signs of poor circulation that could lead to additional skin issues. But don’t worry, add a little cinnamon to your diet and consider this disaster averted!

Let us know how it goes – leave a comment!


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