Demeter’s New 2012 Scents

Ever secretly wish for your own scent lab, where you can play with different notes and create your own fragrance? If you haven’t been introduced to Demeter Fragrance yet, it’s time you do… especially if you’re dying to exploit that inner perfumer in you! This year, Demeter is launching more single note fragrances, allowing us to create even more unique, one-of-a-kind scents…

The Demeter fragrance library offers more than 250 different fragrances, each inspired by objects or experiences found in every day life. In contrast to traditional perfumes, each Demeter fragrance is a single note, which can be worn alone or mixed and matched to build beautiful, customized fragrance accords. What’s even more unique about Demeter fragrances is the selection of notes itself. From scents like Vanilla Cake Batter, Clean Skin, Dirt and Gin & Tonic – you really have a full spectrum of scents to choose from.

Here are the four scents I’ve been playing around with over the last week:
Clean Skin – this definitely can be an everyday scent without smelling like you are actually wearing perfume. It has a very soft baby powder quality to it that is both comforting and addicting.
Dragon Fruit – It’s funny, as I get older, I find myself not liking fruity scents as much as I used to… unless they smell extremely sophisticated, like this one. Dragon Fruit is juicy, light, with a soft hint of floralcy, making this fruity scent much more grownup and classy.
Butterscotch – If you like gourmand scents, you’ll love this one. It really smells like warm brown sugar and butter. Quite frankly, it has me craving sweets throughout the day!
Black Ginger – The spicy yet sweet quality of this ginger is simply divine. Add a little Dragon Fruit to the mix, and I feel like I’m in a tropical paradise…

Have you tried any of the Demeter fragrances? Do you like to wear them alone or mix and match to create your own scents? And for all you Canadian Beauty Nerds, you’ll be happy to know that you can now find Demeter fragrances at select Loblaws and The Real Canadian Superstore.


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