Fekkai’s Night Out

Although I didn’t get to attend Fashion’s Night Out this year, I was able to live vicariously through one lucky fashion blogger. Please meet Jax, editor of the fashion blog, Portender as she documents her FNO Frédéric Fekkai experience…

Hello, Beauty Nerd readers. I am excited to do this guest posting about my Fashion’s Night Out beauty experience.

Before I set out on the town for fashion’s night out, my very first stop was at Frédéric Fekkai to get dolled up for the evening. As part of Fashion’s night out., Fekkai offered a package called the “Fekkai’s Night Out”, which included a blow-out, polish change and make-up touch-up for $75. Considering the average prices for all of these items totaled over $120, I knew a good deal when I saw one.

My night started with a consultation with Kevin Marques. He was the sweetest guy ever. Spunky and excited, not at all deterred by the fact that he had the busiest day ever because of the volume of women rolling into Fekkai that day. He asked me what I wanted, and I’m a pretty low maintenance gal, so I just said “dry it straight.” Kevin was not having that. He had larger plans for my hair, and sent me off to be washed.

Alexis was the girl who gave me the best hair wash of my life. A head massage goes a long way, and Alexis is a master. She also gave me a great tip: run cold water over your hair to make it shiny! (And blast cold air after blow-drying for the same effect.)

Once washed, it was back to Kevin for the dry. Now, I have bangs that are in the process of growing out and they are awkward like a 13 year old going through middle school. Somehow, Kevin knew what to do. He changed my normal side-part to a middle-part, and then gave the remnants of my bangs some serious volume! I honestly couldn’t believe how great my hair looked, the man is a magician!

All while this hair magic was going on, my “polish change” was happening. The only thing they didn’t do was cut my cuticles, and the rest of it was a straight-up full manicure, which was a pleasant surprise! Whatever they put on my nails wears like iron.

Then it was off to Edvina for make-up. Now, this was probably the least exciting of all the services, but that’s because I almost never wear face makeup, and I told my makeup person that. She used a tinted moisturizer, but it was still too much for me, and I felt that makeup-y feeling. I also felt like I looked a little too red (I have naturally yellow tones.) So if you wear makeup all the time, this probably wouldn’t be a big deal, but if I did this again, I would have said absolutely no foundation of any kind! I did, however, love the smokey eye.

I would absolutely do the Fekkai night out again, but next time, I would make my appointment earlier so I wouldn’t miss some of Fashion’s Night Out.

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