From Gem with Love…

Today I want to highlight a special “gem” of a Beauty Nerd who has been following us from the beginning. Her name is Gemma and she has found us all the way from the UK! Not only is she is a talented photographer, an avid tea-drinker, and a serial blogger, she happens to be sending some love our way… and we cannot be more thrilled!

I love looking at beauty products around the world, so after a couple tweets back and forth, Gemma has sent me some beautiful photography work, including an image of an Eyeko product (what an über cute UK brand!), her photo message to us (in spirit of our beauty nerd heart theme :) ), and also her gorgeous face shot – isn’t she puurty?

She also has a really cool blog, so please check it out:!

Remember Beauty Nerds: Next time you jet-set off to new place, get your cameras out, take some photos of beauty products, boutiques or spas from your destination, and send them my way! It would be awesome if you send a photo of yourself as well so we can give special acknowledgement to you!

Thanks again Gemma for sending us these photos – much love to you all the way from Canada!


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