Green Detox Smoothie

I’ve really been trying to jump on the detox smoothie bandwagon, but I keep falling off. Why? Because I’m a big baby about horrible tasting detox drinks. I’ve heard that some people can train themselves to “not mind” it, but why subject yourself to that kind of torture? Can’t I have a detox cocktail that’s actually easy on the taste buds? You know what this situation calls for… a plea to Divya from Flavour Fiesta, “Please come to my rescue… pretty please?”

I decided to use carrot juice in this recipe since it naturally has sugars in it that make the spinach more palatable and doesn’t make the drink too fruity. I prefer to juice my own carrots because they retain more nutrients that way, but feel free to use store-bought carrot juice instead.

Note: Green smoothies tend to darken very quickly due to oxidation, so make sure you drink it within a few minutes! No one wants to drink a discoloured smoothie :).

serves 1

1.5 cups baby spinach leaves (loosely packed)
½ cup carrot juice
½ cup low-fat yogurt
1 small peach, cubed
1/3 tsp chopped ginger
½ tsp chopped mint
½ lemon, juiced
Water (if needed)
ice cubes (optional)

Step 1: Juice the carrots in a juicer (or use store-bought carrot juice).
Step 2: Blend all the ingredients.
Drink up!

Divya knows just the right blend of ingredients that will maximize the detox benefits (i.e. spinach, ginger, carrot juice and mint) without skimping on the yummy-factor (i.e. by infusing it with juicy, ripe peaches). If you live in a polluted, urban environment, which is wreaking havoc on your skin, it’s time for a summer detox. Here’s the ingredient rationale:

Spinach: This dark leafy green ranks as one of the top vegetables on my list for skin health. Brimming with skin-glowing ingredients like vitamins C, E, manganese, zinc and selenium – spinach should really become a regular part of your ‘beauty diet’. Spinach also contains various flavonoids that work as anti-inflammatories – just what the doctor ordered to fight against those irritating, free-radical-generating environmental pollutants.

Ginger: When I was little, my mom used to always give me ginger when I had a tummy ache. It is only now that I understand why. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols that work to soothe upset stomachs. And especially if you’ve been consuming suboptimal foods for skin health lately, your stomach is probably in dire need of some soothing…

Carrot juice: Carrots are best known for its exceptionally high content of vitamin A and beta-carotene. With this vitamin-phytonutrient combo, you can say, “hello silky skin, bye-bye fine lines and acne!”

Peaches: How I {heart} peaches for all its juicy delicious-ness. They are rich in carotenes, potassium and flavonoids. Translation? Bid adieu to pesky skin woes…

Low-fat yogurt The probiotics in yogurt will naturally help you ward of bad bacteria and promote the good. Result? A healthy stomach which will be reflected by a glowing complexion. Allow the probiotics to work its magic and over time and your skin will become more resilient against potential irritants.

Mint: Mint is another detoxifying ingredient that you don’t want to leave out. Its ability to heal and soothe inflammation is powered by its ability to deliver a generous dose of folate, manganese, iron, vitamin B2 and omega-3 fatty acids. Added bonus? Your breath may be a tad fresher…

Let us know how it goes – leave a comment!


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