Guest Bloggers

Here is our esteemed list of guest bloggers, who have graciously taken the time to contribute to this blog. Many thanks to these wonderful people!

Divya from Flavour Fiesta (Toronto, Canada)
“I am a food blogger based in Toronto who has a passion for global cuisine and can talk/think/dream about food endlessly. My approach to cooking is simple – to use fresh, healthy ingredients and not be afraid to experiment!”
Our collaborated posts: Beauty Eats {starting June 2011}

Camelia from Juliet marries Romeo (New York, NY)
“I’m Camelia, editor of, a daily wedding inspiration blog. I love a million little things in life… what makes me the most happy though, is sharing a good laugh with someone, traveling, capturing what I find beautiful in this world with my camera, and inspiring modern Juliets to plan their dream wedding with my blog.”
Her post: How to add some color magic to your wedding
Karina from Life Analysis (Toronto, Canada)
“I am a three year MBA student and I work full time as a Talent Management Consultant in Human Resources. I love everything Apple and Starbucks and I am passionate about social innovation.”
Her post: An MBA’s Beauty Essentials

Jenn Staz (Los Angeles, CA)
I’ve been a blogger for a couple of years now, and just recently merged all of my topics – makeup, health, typography, and other miscellaneous stuff – into one blog to reflect the randomness of my interests. I come from a design background but don’t practice it professionally, so I blog and freelance design as my creative outlet apart from my full time day job in fundraising.
Her post: Beauty packaging that pulls at the heartstrings

Lara from The Glossarie (Washington, DC)
I’m an independent, entrepreneurial-y spirited MBA working in sales for Hobo International by day and curating a little beauty blog called The Glossarie by night. I’m a full-on girly girl obsessed with all things pretty, from beauty products to accessories and everything in between.
Her post: Back to School Beauty

Ashley (Toronto, Canada)
I’m Ashley – a bona fide beauty junkie, shameless shopaholic, and positive-energy-maker! As a cosmetic Product Developer, I spend my days dabbling with various formulations, colours and other beauty goodies from around the globe – I love to experiment and get dirty.
Her post: Coloured Hair Chalk: A Wanabee-Rockstar’s Dream Realized

*Our guest bloggers are typically chosen by us. On occasion, we may accept guest blog submissions if they meet our specific criteria. Visit our Disclaimer page for more information.