Halloween Lash “Tricks” Make for a Great “Treat”

Hello Beauty Nerds!

As you are probably scrambling to put together the final touches on your costume, I thought I would share with you same falsie lash tricks for eyes to “kill” for!

♥  Pick your fav lashes, or double them up for extra drama!
♥ Check length of lashes against your own natural line, cut off excess with scissors.
♥ Squeeze some lash glue on a small dish or I like to squeeze it onto the plastic packaging that lashes come in and apply glue along the lashband with a toothpick. Don’t be too skimpy with the glue!
♥ Wave falsies around for about 10 secs for the glue to get tacky.
♥ The easiest way to apply the falsies is by using a table/vanity mirror where you can look downwards.  If you don’t have access to a table mirror, just look into into the mirror and tilt your chin up.
♥ Apply lashes as close to your lashline and adjust as necessary while the glue is tacky. I like to hold the lashes in place with one finger gently pushing the falsies into the lashline while looking down for about 30 seconds while the glue dries – to prevent lifting.
♥ Apply your choice of liner to conceal the lashband.
♥ Apply some mascara lifting your natural lashes into the false ones so they blend into the falsies.

And even if you are not dressing up for halloween, these lash tricks can be used anytime you just want to just add a little more flirtatious drama to your eyes!

Some of my favorite brands that carry falsies include:
MAC – great range of natural to dramatic falsies
Shu Uemura – love the dazzling black diamante falsies for added drama to your look and also some of the more natural ones
MAKE UP FOR EVER – has a great range of fantasy lashes for your costumes

Have fun!


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