Happy Chinese New Year!

Guess what day it is tomorrow? That’s right – it’s Chinese New Year! It’s a day for celebrations, traditional Chinese dinners with family (don’t forget about the one tonight!) and maybe some red pocket money to start off this year with good fortune! You’re probably already aware that 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit! According to Chinese mythology, the Rabbit symbolizes beauty, peace and tranquility. What a perfect year for my Beauty Nerds!

Well in spirit of Chinese New Year, I have decided to showcase a collection of gorgeous products, selected for either its vibrant red color (the most auspicious color in Chinese tradition) or for its use of traditional Chinese ingredients, which have been so integral to our culture for centuries. Wear some bright reds this week for good luck (it doesn’t hurt that you will look ultra glamorous in the meantime) … or treat yourself to a nice mask from Wei to unwind after the festivities.

Hope you have a wonderful Chinese New Year! May this year surround you with beauty, happiness and good health!

Yours truly,

P.S. Wondering about the vintage artwork of the two Chinese girls on the right? My grandma introduced me to a skin care line that was popular when she was young, called Two Girls and the illustration that you see was used on a lot of their packaging. Unfortunately, distribution is extremely limited now, but oh, how I love vintage things!

1. Wei Chinese Rose Foaming Cleanser 2. Butter™ London Nail Polish in Bed Red 3. Lipstick Queen Sinner in Red Sinner 4. MOR Lychee Flower Hand Cream 5. Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask

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