Happy Holidays!

pink christmas tree

Why hello lovelies! It’s been awhile, I know… things have been a little crazy in the Beauty Nerd household! Although my skincare line has not officially launched, we decided to do a small trade show before the holidays, where we sold one of our items as a pre-launch exclusive. It was pretty exciting to get out there and have people experience the brand for the first time…

So now with MIYU picking up and charging full speed ahead, it will be difficult for me to keep up with my blogging duties, here on Beauty Nerd. If you haven’t transitioned over to following me on MIYU yet, I would love for you to do so – it would be so sad to just say goodbye here, don’t you think? I’m never good with goodbyes… It’s easy to stay connected – you can get on our email list here, follow us on Facebook and Twitter – that way, you’ll be sure not to miss a beat!

With that, I am signing off… until the New Year, my friends! May you all have a beautiful holiday {filled with shimmery ornaments and pink Christmas trees} and a joyous New Year!


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