{Hot Mess} – how to avoid makeup meltdown in the summer heat

Hello Beauty Nerds – I am finally back from my 2 week vacation in London, Paris and Barcelona! I feel refreshed, energized but also a little blue that it’s over… anyone else feeling the post-vacation blues? I now have loads of work to catch up on, not to mention piles of laundry, so thank goodness I have a wonderful guest blogger to feature today. Her name is Brenda Lyttle and she has been writing about acne, weight loss pills and beauty since 2005. After being in 34°C / 93°F for the last couple days in Barcelona, I can certainly appreciate her advice for humidity-proofing your makeup…

Looking your best under scorching heat is a daunting task. Just a few minutes outside and you become a sweaty mess. Ever wonder how your favorite celebrities manage to look great under such circumstances? Ashunta Sherrif, the popular celebrity makeup artist reveals some of her secrets about how you can keep your makeup in check when you are struggling with unavoidable heat and humidity.
1. Begin with a Foundation Primer – Dab on a foundation primer to ensure that your makeup will survive through soaring temperatures. The primer will mellow out any redness and will help your makeup last longer. “Mary Kay Foundation Primer is a good pick,” recommends Sherrif. She also insists that keeping makeup minimal on days when the sun is blazing, is a smart way to go. Instead of wearing a lot of concealer and foundation, just apply tinted moisturizer and the essential amount of concealer.

2. Be Prudent in Your Product Selection – Let powder formulas rule during summer months and try your best to avoid cream-based formulas. “Otherwise, your eyelids will look oily and wet,” Sherrif advises. “The only exceptions are waterproof, creamy eye colors that clearly state they dry as a powder finish – then you can go ahead!”

3. Waterproof Mantra – You just cannot do without waterproof makeup between June to August. A waterproof mascara is mandatory to pull off your summer look with grace and style. Regular mascara will melt and smear during these humid months. If you do not like using waterproof mascara, Sherrif suggests to apply several coats of your regular mascara first and then finish your final coat with a waterproof formula.

These subtle makeup fixes can help you a great deal in maintaining your look as a style diva. Carry on with that effortless celebrity glamour throughout summer and stun people with your impeccable beauty!

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