How do you achieve balance if you are naturally a klutz?

As you know, beauty nerds, I am a firm believer in holistic beauty. Beautiful skin cannot be attained by relying on efficacious skincare alone (although great skincare will definitely help). You also need to eat healthy, exercise regularly and keep your stress levels under control. Once one of those areas in your life are out of balance, trust me, your skin will not shy away from signalling that you are not taking proper care of it. Hasn’t that ever happened to you?

In fact, I am going through this very quandary right now. I’ll admit, lately, I have been a little stressed. I feel like I am working around the clock without giving myself a chance to rest. The other morning, as I was walking to class, my head feeling fuzzy from exhaustion, I tripped and fell right in the middle of the street! Can you imagine the utter humiliation? Thank goodness it was very early and still dark. Poor visibility actually worked in my favor. But it was at that moment, that I suddenly realized how truly tired I was! And if that’s not bad enough, several days later, I started getting some tiny breakouts on my face. By not sleeping properly and being overly stressed, I have literally ‘lost my balance’, and my skin is ‘shouting’ at me in the form of ugly, red dots – “do something!”

I diagnosed my tumultuous skin condition to be a direct result of self-inflicted stress. Feeling helpless and overwhelmed by seemingly infinite and imminent tasks, I took a deep breath and realized that much of it was in my head. All I needed to do was to break down my workload into bite-sized, manageable daily goals. I had to stop thinking about all my to-do’s in aggregate for the next week, or even the next month. Ok skin, I am listening – time to decompress and channel my inner zen!

Is your skin freaking out? If yours has been as belligerent as mine, try to identify whether your stress levels have been elevated. Your skin, too, may be scolding you, and demanding some tender loving care!

Yours truly,

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