Just in time for Chinese New Year – Lush’s Red Dragon Soap

Do you know what today is my friends? That’s right – it’s Chinese New Year! Let me be first to wish you all the happiness, health and prosperity for the coming year. This year is Year of the Dragon, which is considered to be the most favourable sign of the zodiac. The dragon symbolizes both power and fortune. And what better way to represent good fortune than with Lush’s new Red Dragon Soap and a Lucky Cat?

Let me debrief you on both. Lush’s Red Dragon Soap is limited edition and scented with their Karma fragrance, which is a blend of patchouli, lavender and pine. The warm, spicy notes are rather addicting, I must say. This bright red bar of soap, shaped like a dragon and sprinkled with gold dust makes the perfect little gift for Chinese New Year (though I’ll admit, it can’t quite top a lucky money packet). The Lucky Cat is characterized by its plump figure and one waving arm. His waving arm represents the ‘waving’ of good fortune towards oneself. Next time you go to Chinatown, take a look at how many businesses have the Lucky Cat at their store front. I think this year, I’ll need to put one on my doorstep! :)

But of course, my kitty has another agenda. He’s like, “What is this peculiar thing?”

“I’m white and plump, why aren’t I your lucky cat? I should be posing beside the dragon soap. Take that!”

“Here’s my cameo. I’m picture ready!”

Ok, that’s enough of my crazy cat lady post for the day. If you are celebrating Chinese New Year, hope you have a wonderful time with your family.


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