lipstick swatches…

Source: via Connie on Pinterest

Do you ever mix your lipsticks or lip glosses to create your own custom colour? I frequently do so because for whatever reason, I always seem to have a collection of lipsticks that are either too pale for my skin tone, or some that are just too dark. Mixing them allows me to create a personalized shade that is completely wearable. This morning, through my daily perusal through Pinterest (I know, it’s really turning into an uncontrollable obsession), I discovered this lovely piece of lipstick swatch artwork. I love how you can see the different shades and textures of each of the lipsticks and the gorgeous shades they become when mixed together! You can literally multiply the number of shades you have with your existing colours, just have fun with some experimentation!

Do you mix your lipsticks? If so, what is your favourite combination?


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