Little black potions…

Divya and I have decided to take a short break from Beauty Eats for the next month or so because 1) she is working hard at the next issue of Flavour Fiesta magazine and 2) I want to catch up on sharing all the beauty inspirations I’ve been holding off on! Let’s take today’s inspiration for example… my beauty-inspired take on the little black dress…a collection of little black potions. When I visited Japan 2 years ago, I could not help but get mesmerized by all the beautiful creams and lotions that were as black as mud. It may seem like a disconnect to envision using black-coloured skincare, but in Japan, black seemed to symbolize purity. The richness of the color appeared to speak to the richness of the ingredients within each bottle. Only recently, I’ve managed to find some skincare products here in North America with this gorgeous hue… most of them actually from Boscia, a wonderful line of preservative-free skincare…

{1} Boscia Luminizing Black Mask – I normally despise peel-off masks. Perhaps I’m too impatient and I don’t allow it to dry completely before peeling it off, but it never comes off in one continuous sheet for me. I end up picking bits of the mask off my face little by little, which is unbelievably annoying. But then I decided to give the Boscia one a try because of all the amazing reviews I had been hearing. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised. First of all, the mask is visually g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. It looks like black lacquer. I put it on my face and waited 20 minutes as per the instructions and the mask came off in one fell swoop. Removing it was sort of reminiscent of using the blackhead strips which kind of felt like a gentler version of removing a bandaid. So no, not the most comfortable experience, but the thought of my blackheads being pulled out was somewhat gratifying. (Retails for $34 each).
{2} Kose Seikisho Facial Soap – A couple years ago, my old boss had introduced me to this black soap from Japan which lathered into a luxurious foam and it was the best bar soap I had ever tried. Unfortunately, I could not remember what it was called. I was hoping that the Kose Seikisho Facial soap could replicate that washing experience, but unfortunately it fell short. The foam was not dense and luxurious, but rather it was fairly ordinary. While I didn’t feel like it dried my skin, I also didn’t feel it left my skin feeling hydrated or soothed. (Retails for $24 with case).
{3} Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser – Although I haven’t tried this cleanser yet, I’m intrigued by its warming attributes. Does it do as good of a job cleaning as regular formulas? My experience with formulating warming formulas has been that it is challenging to create a really high-performing product when you want the self-heating properties embedded. But who knows? I could be wrong – Boscia seems like they have some pretty awesome chemists. Have any of you tried this one? (Retails for $28)
{4} Boscia Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel – Another one of Boscia’s new launches that I have not tried yet, but with an attractive proposition – a cooling gel-type moisturizer that helps clear up blemish-ridden complexions and reduce the appearance of large pores. Sounds like it will not be hydrating enough for my normal-dry skin type, but any of you oily/combination skin types try this? What are your thoughts? (Retails for $38)
{5} Boscia Pore Refining Black Strips – Remember those Biore strips for blackhead removal? For some reason they seem hard to find in stores now. But then I spotted (no pun intended) the black strips by Boscia which uses a charcoal ingredient to draw out impurities and detoxify the skin. It also supposedly leaves the skin cool and soothed afterwards. While I have not yet tried the product to give you my 2 cents, the clinicals are pretty stellar, with 90% reporting that their pores are less visible after use. (Retails for $15, contains 6 strips).

So there you have it Beauty Nerds… a curated set of little black potions. Which ones have you tried and loved?


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