L’Oreal La Couleur Infallible

Over the last couple of days, my girlfriend flew to Toronto to visit me and we had some amazing girl time… and what would real girl time be without makeup? (Think junior high sleepovers with makeovers galore)! My friend L is also a news reporter, so she is constantly searching for long-lasting makeup that can withstand the heavy lights and long days. Needless to say, I grabbed this perfect opportunity to get her to help me test the new L’Oreal La Couleur Infallible. I received this gorgeous array of 9 vibrant eye colours and I couldn’t wait to dip my makeup brushes into them.

L’Oreal claims that these eyeshadows are waterproof, will provide 24 hour long-lasting hold, will not smudge or rub and is completely blink-resistant. After putting these claims to the test, we did indeed find that the colours were much more vibrant than other L’Oreal eyeshadows (and any other drugstore shadows for that matter) and it did deliver on its promise to last the entire day with no signs of fading. In fact, I even found the shadows to be a little more difficult to remove with my regular eye makeup remover and had to use a waterproof remover to effectively dissolve it.

The texture was also soft, allowing the brush to easily pick up the pigment. As soon as the product touched my skin, the powder melted into a gorgeous cream-finish. It did take a little more work to blend, however, and at times, the shadow would roll into little balls and drop beneath my eyes during application, but I found that the best way to apply these shadows without drop is to press it onto the eyelids instead of using swiping motions like you would a normal shadow. I must admit, I felt like a little girl in a candy store as I happily experimented with my rainbow of colours…(don’t worry, I didn’t wear them on my eyes all at once!)

Did I get a little too carried away with my photos? ;)

Here is a swatch of 7 of the 9 colours. I refrained from swatching Burning Black and Unlimited Sky so that I could reserve them as giveaways.

And if you want to take a look at each shadow individually, here is the slideshow of each colour…

They retail for $10.99 a pop and completely worth it if you are looking for vibrant, stay-put colour. Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

Are you excited? It’s Beauty Nerd giveaway time once again! This time, two lucky readers will be selected and will win either La Couleur Infallible in Buring Black or Unlimited Sky.

As always, take a quick glance to remind yourself of the rules and how to enter.

To enter:
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3) Two lucky winners will be selected by a random number generator through Excel. The contest closes Monday, September 26th, midnight EST (any entries after this time will not be accepted). The winners will be announced on Wednesday, September 28th here on the blog.

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♥ Only one entry per person will be accepted.

Good luck!!!


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