Memoirs of a Kitty

Just when I thought I am finally growing out of Hello Kitty, she comes out of the woodworks and pulls me right back in. How can a character stay so popular after 37 years of existence? Don’t even get me started on all the Hello Kitty paraphernalia that exists out there – it’s unbelievable (they now even have a collection of wines). So as many of you probably already know, Sephora has launched a Hello Kitty makeup line recently. Ever since, I have been using all my willpower to refrain from blogging about this new collection. Why? Because I told myself that it’s time to grow up. I can’t be a Hello Kitty fan forever. But then… I discovered their new Say Hello Palette – Memoirs of a Kitty, and I caved. She once again had me at ‘hello’. Is it a dysfunctional relationship, you ask? Maybe. Can I vouch for the formulas inside the ├╝ber cute packaging? Probably not. But can you honestly tell me that these hello kitty bouquets and the floral patterned compact doesn’t make you smile, even a little?

  1. Image Sources: Hello Kitty Tumblr

And for those of you who are curious about the colours inside the palette, it includes:
– Pearlized Pinky Beige eyeshadow
– Pearlized Tan eyeshadow
– Pearlized Honey eyeshadow
– Sparkling Brown eyeshadow
– Peach powder blush
– Rose powder blush

Is anyone else obsessed? Happy Friday :)!


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