Modern Vanity: black + white

There’s something striking about a sleek + modern vanity with sharp, contrasting colours. MAC & Marcel Wanders’ limited edition collection would look stunning on the vanity table, don’t you think? Each piece of makeup embodies the style of Marcel Wanders, a Dutch industrial designer, whose products have a “classicism-meets-futurism” flair. Add in a splash of fuschia for a pop of colour and this magazine-style setting makes me feel as if I have stepped into the offices of Vogue.

MAC & Marcel Wanders Limited Edition Collection:
MAC & Marcel Wanders Clutch
MAC & Marcel Lip Gloss
MAC & Marcel Sheer Mystery Powder
MAC & Marcel Air of Style Concentrate


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  • Kelsey

    That product packaging is great!

  • Connie

    Isn’t it? It’s not often you see makeup with such unique packaging! I love when MAC partners up with designers…

  • vonnie

    oh wow, everything about that looks luxe, put together, and gorgeous! i loooove it very much :) i need that room

  • Connie

    I love looking at different vanities – totally aspire to have a gorgeous vanity in my next place! Happy Monday Vonnie!

  • Connie

    If you click on the link right underneath the picture, it will tell you where I got the image from.  Hopefully that site will give you an idea of the kind of vanity it is…