Molton Brown’s 2011 Holiday Limited Edition Bath & Body

Today marks the first of the holiday features I will be doing as we gear up towards Christmas. Omg, Christmas! Ahh – I’m not quite ready for Christmas yet – how did it come up so quickly?? Although, I’ll admit, I am getting excited seeing all the holiday collections making their way into stores. And of course, because Molton Brown is one of my favourite brands, I could not wait to get my hands on their new holiday sets. Their full collection includes a wide variety of different sets which you may want to check out here. I’ll just be featuring my top pick out which is the Molton Brown Fractal Holiday Set.

Why is this my top pick, you ask? Well about a year ago, I was in a Molton Brown store and I fell in love with their arc holder that beautifully displays their hand washes and hand lotions. I didn’t end up buying the arc holder then (you had to buy it separately), but I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I mean, Molton Brown’s packaging already makes these products completely vanity-worthy, but how smart are they to include a stylish holder to really enhance your display of these gorgeous products? So when I discovered this year’s holiday set which actually includes the arc holder, I was soo stoked! This beautiful gift box also opens like a book – soo lovely!

This particular Fractal set includes a 300 ml of the rosé granati fine liquid hand wash and a 300 ml of the rosé granati soothing hand lotion. Inspired by Marrakech, the fragrance smells like a fruity floral infused with a hint of warm spices. It contains granati pomegranate extract and sparkling essential oils – how amazing does that sound? And I can attest, it smells just as lovely as it sounds!

Sigh, these Molton Brown sets are really the kind that you have to buy at least 2 of – one for yourself and another for a friend/family member. They retail for $75.00 each and are limited edition for holiday. Don’t you think this set would look so pretty on display in your bathroom? I’m sure the guests you’ll be entertaining this holiday will agree too…


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