My big announcement: ‘Project M’

I do realize I am not alone when I profess my love for beauty products. Like many of you, my passion for lipsticks, creams and potions had started at a very young age. But for me, it became a lifelong obsession and my impetus for pursuing things far beyond my comfort level. For example, I endured four long (and let me tell you, it was LONG) years of Chemistry training just so I could begin to understand how to put formulas together. Then, without ever visiting or knowing a single person in New York, I moved there by myself to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology to study Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing. After my studies, I landed a job at Bliss where I learned to develop the wonderful creamy goop that many of you may have even tried. Finally, I moved back to Canada to follow my husband (although it was difficult to leave NYC) and worked at Cargo Cosmetics developing lip glosses, eye shadows and other pretty things.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I feel like all of these events have lead me up to this moment in my life… my next leap of faith. In my most recent epiphany, I realized this:

Is it what you think it is? The answer is YES. My big announcement today is to disclose that I have finally decided to create my own skincare line. Not only has this been a dream of mine for many years, but hearing your thoughts, questions, and comments about your skin over the last year has inspired me to create a line that addresses your very concerns. My belief is that each and every one of you is beautiful in your own unique way. I hope to help you embrace and celebrate that. My goal is to offer you gorgeous products that will help you feel pretty and confident every single day.

While I can’t tell you too many more details during this development phase, I will give you snippets of my progress along the way. For now, let’s call this “Project M”. In the meantime, I encourage you to send me comments and your wish list for what you would love to see in your skincare so that I can create the best possible products for you.

Undoubtedly, I know many of you will have questions regarding Beauty Nerd. So let me start by answering what I anticipate to be the two most common questions:

1) Will I still review product?
The answer is yes. I am a product junkie at heart and will always continue to covet beauty products of other brands. I promise you though, that my reviews will continue to reflect my true opinion and will not be swayed by the ventures that I am working on.

2) Will I still recommend products from other companies?
Absolutely. I believe in helping you find and choose the products that work best for you and I will continue to do that.

For now, Beauty Nerd will continue just as it has been before. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being my cheerleaders, supporters and my friends. If you have any other questions for me, feel free to leave it in the comment section below. Much love to you all…


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  • Lorelei Orfeo (@LoreleiO)

    Congrats! RT @beautynerds: #in My big announcement…

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  • Lindsay

    Great news! Looking forward to reading about it.

    • Connie

      Thanks so much Lindsay – I just discovered your blog as well! You have a fabulous blogging voice :) Look forward to connecting with you more in the future!

  • http://@designtart Adrea

    That is fabulous news! It was really fascinating to read about your background as well – very impressive. I wish you all the best luck with your new venture.

    • Connie

      Thanks Adrea – that means a lot to me! Feel free to email me with skincare ‘wishlists’!! (beautynerds[@] You have always been such an amazing supporter of Beauty Nerd for which I am so grateful!! xx

      • http://@designtart Adrea

        Aw shucks thanks – you deserve the support! I’ll definitely email you. :)

  • Wendy

    Congrats Connie! Lifelong dream since high school achieved!

    • Connie

      Haha, was I already talking about that since high school? Wow, I DO have a one-track mind! Thanks Wendy!! :)

  • Fiona

    AMAZING! And of no surprise… I can’t wait to pick up my first tube of wrinkle diminishing eye cream :). Good Luck Connie!

    • Connie

      Really? You’re not surprised? :) Thanks Fiona! Hope you are doing well!!!

  • watercoloursky

    we’ve talked about this before but i’ll take this opportunity to officially say congrats! :)

    • Connie

      Thanks again Sarah!! I’m very excited!

  • Kelly

    That is amazing!! Congrats!! I’m so excited for you!!

    • Connie

      Thanks Kelly – feel free to send me skincare wishlists too… can’t wait till I have product for you guys to try!! xx

  • Priya Sreeram

    truly wow- heartiest wishes for your venture and wishing it all the success; will look forward to all your previews and peek-a-boos of ur skin care !

    • Connie

      Thanks Priya!! There will definitely be a lot of sneak peaks along the way so stay tuned!! xx

  • Marcia (beauty info zone)

    This is so wonderful. Ive just been lurking before but now I need to come out and congratulate you. Can’t wait to hear more.

    • Connie

      You’re so sweet – thanks Marcia! I am happy to hear your comments – it’s always so wonderful to connect with other amazing beauty bloggers!! xx

  • Jenn Staz

    Connie– congrats to you!! What an amazing venture. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to hear more!!

    • Connie

      Thanks so much Jenn – I can’t wait to share more of it with you along the way!! Very excited to have you guys ‘test’ out the products!! xoxo

  • isabel

    Amazing!! How cool is that?! I hope everything goes well and smoothly – cannot wait to see where you take your dream!

    • Connie

      Thanks for all your amazing support Isabel – I always love your comments and tweets!! I can’t wait to share my creations with you!! xx

      • isabel

        you are most definitely 100x welcome. so glad to share in your excitement and adventure!! (lots of feel-good comments!)

  • Meena

    This is awesome news Connie! Looking forward to hearing more about it!

    • Connie

      Thanks Meena!! I would love to get your feedback!! xo

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