Natural Skincare Product Review: Boscia Normal to Dry Kit

Finally our first product review! After long, grueling hours of trying to learn Final Cut Express, and finally mustering up the courage to put myself in front of the camera, here it is – the Boscia Normal to Dry Skincare Kit review. Here, I provide my evaluations of formula esthetics, performance and a brief analysis of their ingredients. Watch to find out why I rate this kit 4 out of 5 hearts!

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  • Eddie Rogers

    Hi Connie

    I found your site from a linkedin group we are both on. I am a UK distributor for a company
    called IC SPA, who produce skin products which are 100% organic and natural.

    The company are Canadian and are based in Newfoundland. I see that you test a lot of skin
    products and are linked to the cosmetic industry, and would like you to sample some of the
    products. You can learn more by visiting the website and would love to hear your feedback.

    If you agree to test some samples I can get the company to send these direct to you.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Eddie Rogers

  • Connie

    Hi Eddie,

    I would be happy to take a look at your site. I tried doing a search on IC SPA but did not find a specific web address. Would you be able to send me the direct link?

    Many thanks,

  • buckeyemom

    Have tried Boscia but don’t consider them an organic brand but would classify them in the “naturals” category. I find their price point is high.
    Great video! So nice to see you again after all these years. :)
    Do you really endorse spray tonics or tonics in general? I know it is a very Euro & A/P regimen type product but the US is all about fast, fast, fast & 2-in-1’s. I haven’t found tonics or clarifying liquids to be full of anything but fairy dust ingredient content.

  • buckeyemom

    Agree with you on the viscosity & hydration not being high enough for dry, cold climates.
    Love your kitty!!! She’s adorable. What breed?
    I get questions regarding beauty all the time when people learn of my past career. I’m sending them your way to school them! :)

  • Connie

    Thanks Geniene!

    Yes, I am a strong believer in toners although I know many people do not believe in it. All cleansers are basic (just the nature of surfactants) thus increasing the pH of your skin immediately after cleansing. A good toner will rebalance the pH of your skin before you apply your skincare. In addition, the immediate hydration from the toner softens the skin and allows for better absorption of the cream that you apply afterwards.

    My kitty is a birman – I actually have 2! :) They are super cute!

    Yes, please send more ppl to this blog – that would be great! Thanks for your support!


  • MaartenGubbens

    I have never heard about these products but they are looking natural, dude i want this kit but where can i buy?

    of Coffee on Skin

    • Connie

      You can purchase it at Sephora…