New counter, new launches at Decléor

Last Tuesday, my friend Danielle and I attended the Decléor Tea Party to celebrate {1} the reopening of the newly redesigned Decléor counter at The Bay Queen Street in Toronto and {2} the launch of their new line of skincare for oily skin types, called Aroma Pureté.

Of course, how could I resist, when they were serving macarons? Such a pretty array of spring colours…

David’s Tea sponsored the event by serving two different tea blends: – Bear Trap, which is a fruity tea with black currants, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and lemon verbena and the Three Wishes Tea which is a blend of green tea, black tea, rose, jasmine and sunflowers. We couldn’t decide between the two, so we tried both!

The new Decléor counter definitely looked more modern and fresh. It even had a beautiful reclining chair in the back so that customers could get facials done. So smart! Jacques D.-Pérusse, President of Prestilux, Inc. and Barbara Zinn Moore, GMM, Cosmetics and Fragrances for The Bay & Lord & Taylor, did the honours of cutting the yellow ribbon for this grand unveiling.

In my gift bag were 3 gorgeous products from their new Aroma Pureté line.

From left to right…
♥ Mattify with the Shine Control Oxygenating Fluid – Geared for oily and combination skin, this light fluid purifies, mattifies and oxygenates. If you apply this product at 6am, the formula’s special Chrono-Purity Zinc Spheres will mattify the skin most effectively at about 1pm, usually at the time when skin needs the most shine control. The fluid is unbelievably lightweight and imparts this immediate sensation of freshness.

♥ Purify with Aromessence Ylang Ylang – 2 drops is all that’s needed of this wonderful essential oil. The aroma will make you feel like you’re at a spa. And don’t fear the word oil even if you’re an oily skin type. This oil actually has a dry-touch feel so you do not feel any greasiness after application. Decléor’s clinical tests reveals that this serum is able to reduce sebum by 20%!

♥ Control blemishes with Imperfections Roll’On – I love the metal ball roll-on applicator because it allows you to apply the product precisely onto your blemish (and seems much more sanitary than some sponge-tipped applicators I’ve seen on other products). It also contains the same 100% natural essential oils as Aromessence, which is comprised of ylang ylang, clary sage, rosemary, lemon and lavender. This light formula can even be used on top of makeup.

The textures are absolutely phenomenal. The national trainer who spoke about the products was so knowledgeable. She really knew the science and technology inside and out. I was truly impressed. I have such a penchant for French manufactured formulas, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I was so taken by this line. Have you had a chance to experience the new Decléor Aroma Pureté? What are your thoughts?


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