Nutrisse Mousse Nourishing Colour Foam

Hello lovelies…
I am recovering quite well and am feeling a lot better today – thanks everyone for your well wishes! The sunny weather is also putting me in a cheerful mood! As the weather is getting warmer, I’m sure a lot of you are already loving your new spring wardrobe and pretty makeup colours… but are you also thinking about a new hair colour as well?

As for me, gone are the days that I dye my hair. At the moment, I am embracing my jet-black Asian hair :)… But if you want to have some fun with hair colour and perhaps do not want to spend salon prices, you might want to check out Garnier’s new, innovative hair colouring formula – the Nutrisse Mousse Nourishing Colour Foam.

How is it different from other drugstore hair dyes, you ask? Here’s a couple of ‘highlights’… no pun intended!
♥ Normally mousse-type hair dyes do not give a great colour result. The colour experts at Nutrisse made sure that they created a formula without any compromise on its colours while still delivering 100% grey coverage.
♥ Mousse formulas are much easier to apply – no drip! It’s also ideal for hard-to-reach areas like the back of your head.
♥ This permanent colour still allows undertones to show through, creating a natural, multi-dimensional effect.
♥ It’s a low ammonia formula.
♥ The final treatment cream has Nutrisse’s signature Nutritional Fruit Oils to nourish the hair, leaving it shiny and silky.

How to apply:
1) Put on the gloves. Then pour the colourant (the brown bottle) into the liquid-to-foam developer (the large translucent bottle). Replace the cap with the pump applicator and stir twice. Then use the pump applicator to dispense the mixture into your hand – it will come out as a mousse!
2) Apply the mousse to your hair. Once it is applied, the mousse transforms into a cream, so it can penetrate the hair shaft more effectively and ensures a more even colour dispersion.
3) Leave on and then rinse hair. Once in contact with water, the cream transforms back to a mousse allowing you to rinse it off more easily.

There’s also a video tutorial to show you how to apply, so don’t forget to check out the Nutrisse Mousse site. The Nutrisse Mousse is available in 18 shades and retails for $10.49 each. So… what do you think ladies, will you give it a try?

Well for 2 of you, you will get the opportunity to try Nutrisse’s Mousse because yes, it’s Beauty Nerd giveaway time! Here are the two shades of Nutrisse Mousses I will be giving away:
6RR Light Intense Auburn – works best if your natural hair colour is light brown, medium brown or dark brown.
9 Light Blonde – works best if your natural hair colour is light blonde, medium blonde or dark blonde.
**Don’t forget to tell me which colour you prefer. If you do not mention a colour preference, I will exclude you from the draw.

As always, take a quick glance to remind yourself of the rules and how to enter.

To enter:
1) Share the link of this post on Facebook or Twitter. If you tweet it, don’t forget to mention @beautynerds so I can easily track it.
2) Paste your tweet or FB post of the shared link in the comment section below. (Feel free to use the Share/Save widget for easy sharing!). Please also tell us how you are following The Beauty Nerd: via FB, Twitter, Google Plus, or better yet, all of the above :)!
3) Two lucky winners will be selected by a random number generator through Excel. The contest closes Monday, April 30th, midnight EST (any entries after this time will not be accepted). The winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 2nd here on the blog.

♥ You must be a Beauty Nerd follower (on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus).
♥ You must reside in either the US or Canada (sowwy to our international Beauty Nerds)
♥ Only Beauty Nerds that share this post on FB or Twitter AND include the link in the comment section below will be eligible. Don’t forget to tell me your Twitter handle, Facebook name and/or Google Connect name.
♥ Only one entry per person will be accepted.

Good luck!!!


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