OPI’s limited edition Outrageous Neons mini pack

I must admit, I was a little hesitant to sport neons again (bad flash back from the 90s), but I have to say, this spunky palette is starting to really grow on me again. Perhaps because I’m witnessing neon done in edgier ways and I’ve been seeing inspirations on how to make neon still look feminine (yeah, I’m a bit of a girly girl). Be it a cute neon skirt, a flashy pair of neon pumps, or a bright neon manicure, I think I’m ready to rock this colour.

OPI has made it especially easy for me to ease into the neon trend. Recently, they just launched their limited edition Outrageous Neons mini pack. I simply adore mini polishes, because I have a hard time finishing a bottle anyway! Plus, having mini’s usually means that I feel less guilty about purchasing multiple colours – all the more fun to play with!

The kit comes with 4 neon shades including:
♥ Ridiculously Yellow – So yellow, it’s beyond understanding.
♥ Formidably Orange – Brace yourself for this powerful orange.
♥ Riotously Pink – This pink has been known to create a scene.
♥ Seriously Purple – I really mean it…it’s really purple!

It also comes with:
♥ neon white base – used to prep the nails to ensure that the fluorescent lacquers applied on after, are as punchy as they can be
♥ OPI Top Coat – the neons dry matte, so best to follow with a layer of top coat to get that enviably shiny finish

Apparently, neon-coloured nail polish was illegal in the US, likely due to nature of some of the pigments that is required to produce the neon colour. Lucky for us, OPI has found a way to formulate these lacqueurs in FDA-approved neon pigments. The formulas are also free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde. If you too, want to ease your way into neons, you’ll be happy to know that this limited edition mini pack has been available since the beginning of this month. You can find it at professional salons and spas retailing for about $24.95 each.

Have you succumb to the neon frenzy? If so, how are you wearing your neons?


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