Packaging Love: MOR Cosmetics

I have an obsession with pretty little things. If you’re like me, when you find something that is in gorgeous packaging, you pick it up and you HAVE NEED to have it.  The only problem is you need two of everything – one to sit and look pretty on your vanity and a second one to actually to use! Packaging for MOR Cosmetics is exactly that and is a great way to start off a new category on Beautynerds.  They have a talented team that creates stunningly beautiful packaging.

MOR Eye candy:


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  • Gemma

    WOW that packaging is beautiful!!!

  • Connie

    I know, right? We have a SERIOUS weakness for gorgeous packaging!

  • Clara

    Great taste Jane! Love the combinations of colors and different textures! It’s very unusual to see wood on beauty products, but the little hints of wood is what makes this packaging interesting, it works beautifully! I believe that packaging is what sells the products, especially in the beauty industry. Pretty and well made packaging is worth the money to make because we always end up keeping it :)

  • Jane

    Thanks Clara! Yes, I totally agree about the subtle hints of wood – love it! I’m always lured with gorgeous packaging, I can’t help it!

  • Jenn Staz

    So i know I’m a bit late on this, but WOW this packaging is gorgeous!! It’s stuff like this that really makes me wish I’d studied graphic design. Do you own anything from this collection?

    • Connie

      Oh I know, I think MOR is my all time favourite for packaging. Yes, I have the lip balm and the body butter… it’s on display so I can stare at it daily.. lol!

  • Aurel

    Even later, I’ve just discovered your blog ! I love Mor products as well. i’m a huge fan oh their lip care : smells so good, smoothes my lips, looks like a jewel box and doesn’t open in my bag ! Currently they offer offer free delivery on this website where I usually buy my Mor products

    • Connie

      Thanks Aurel! So happy you stopped by! I’m such a huge fan of MOR too – thanks for sending the link! I’ll check it out!