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Happy Friday Beauty Nerds,

Today I am delighted to introduce a new category called ‘Ever After.’ The premise of this category is to share lovely wedding-inspired details, palettes and other bridal inspirations, mixed in with beauty products and tips for brides-to-be, aspiring brides-to-be, or basically anyone who wants to achieve that bridal glow on a daily basis.

Two years ago, Jane and I were helping each other plan our own respective weddings and together, we discovered so many beautiful wedding ideas that truly showcased various wedding planners and designer’s creative talent. We especially loved admiring elegant and hand-crafted details, from letter-pressed invites, to paper rosette backdrops to calligraphy-imprinted favours… the list goes on and on. And so, to this day, despite the fact that our weddings have come and gone, we still follow wedding blogs for inspiration. For those of you who are married, you know that your wedding day goes by very quickly. But for Jane and I, we didn’t want to have to stop relishing in exquisite d├ęcors, dresses layered with lace, organza and silk, or shoes that could double as art pieces… we then began thinking, why is your wedding day the only day you should get to feel like a princess bride? Does it make sense that a girl only gets to feel that beautiful for one day in her life? We didn’t think so. We believe that whether you are getting married, have gotten married or perhaps never want to get married, we all have the right to feel a bit of bridal bliss, every day. In spirit of this bridal themed category, we thought it would be quite fitting to launch it one month before one of the biggest royal weddings in history – Prince William and Kate Middleton’s. Looking at sketches from Valentino and Goodman as possible choices for Kate makes me swoon – as you can see, I’ve already made my favourite picks for her!

If you are getting married this year, you should start taking extra care of your skin at least 6 months prior to the wedding. Or if you want that bridal glow on an ‘ever after’ basis, these recommendations are applicable to you as well. Today I am highlighting 3 products that people often neglect, but should include as part of their skin care regimen. This is especially important if you want to guarantee luminous skin on your big day.
{1} Bobbi Brown Hydrating Intense Night Cream – Our skin tends to be much more dehydrated at night since we are not typically drinking water while we sleep. Therefore, it is essential to keep your skin hydrated with a good night cream. I especially love this one from Bobbi Brown because it contains mineral water for rehydration, super luxe oils such as jojoba, sweet almond and apricot oils for moisturization, and green tea for antioxidant protection.
{2} Molton Brown Gentle Refine Papain Exfoliator – Make sure you are properly sloughing off dead skin cells to clear the path for your moisturizer. Doing so will enhance your cream’s absorption and ensure that it is working its magic. Ideally, you should be exfoliating every other day. Molton Brown’s Gentle Refine exfoliator is wonderful because it contains papain, a natural fruit enzyme that helps break down dead skin cells and clear out blocked pores. It is extremely gentle and therefore it is great for polishing and refining the skin’s surface. A good polish will not only leave your skin more radiant, but it will create a smooth base for makeup to sit nicely.
{3} Harney & Sons Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea – Pre-wedding planning is extremely stressful – but don’t forget to enjoy the process! I find that sipping a hot cup of tea helps calm my nerves, and why not indulge in a good quality tea? Harney & Sons makes this gorgeous tea which has sweet and delicate aromas of jasmine – simply divine! The antioxidant benefits will help give your skin that extra boost as well.

If you want to inquire about other pre-wedding beauty advice, just click the ‘Ask Miss Beauty Nerd’ button on the sidebar, send in your question and we will answer your question as a post. Sooo Beauty Nerds, are you looking forward to a beautiful spring and a wedding season filled with pretty things? I am definitely looking forward to it…

Cheers to your happily ever after….


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