Project M Update

Hello lovelies! Today, I wanted to give you a little status update on Project M. I have completed the development of my initial line of products, which I am ecstatic about. A couple weeks ago, we had also mailed out 21 samples to a select group of Beauty Nerds who wanted to get in on the development of our line – hence the pile of yellow packages shown above ;). These beauty testers are currently testing away and providing me much valuable feedback.

As you have probably noticed, due to time commitment with starting a new company, it has been hard for me to keep up with my regular 3 posts per week on Beauty Nerd. I have slowed my posts to an average of 2 posts per week, and when I’m really pressed for time, I haven’t even been able to commit to that. It has become evident to me that trying to keep up with Beauty Nerd is not sustainable in the long run. So, with a heavy heart today, I would like to announce that I will only be blogging on Beauty Nerd until Christmas. But fear not, it doesn’t mean that I will stop blogging altogether. I will just be blogging on my new site instead…

which is… are you ready for the big reveal? Soo…Project M (as many of you know) is a code name for the actual name of my line . The ‘M’ actually stands for MIYU Beauty. ‘MIYU’ [pronounced mee-you], is a Japanese word that means ‘origins of beauty’, a sentiment that you will see, is reflected throughout my line. I am excited to share our landing page with you today: I would be so happy if you’d follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. where we will share all our behind-the-scenes updates before we actually launch our line in May/June of next year. Your support has meant so much to me – thank you for being avid readers of Beauty Nerd. I cannot wait to connect with you on MIYU as well. You are all my fellow Beauty Nerds, and I’m excited for you to be the first group of gals to share this journey with me. Your questions, comments, feedback are what has helped shape the development of this line.

So how ’bout it, Beauty Nerds – will you join me in my new adventure?


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