Saying farewell to google connect…

Happy Friday darlings! I hope you are staying warm. We’ve been getting flurries the past couple of days, which I suppose isn’t unusual for January. During the start of this new year, I had the urge to do some major tidying up in order to get rid of all the clutter in our condo. My goal is to get our condo looking something like the little piece of heaven I pinned above – isn’t it gorgeous? Perhaps I’m being a little too ambitious to make it look exactly like it, but I’ll aim to get it at least as clutter free! I figure, a new year requires a fresh new start. I’m motivated to get organized so I’m efficient throughout the year. AND, while I’m at it, why not do a little housekeeping on the Beauty Nerd blog? As you may have noticed, I have added a Pinterest button to the sidebar – oh how I {heart} Pinterest! I also updated the ‘Share This Post!’ button to include Google Plus. But, the major update that I am making to the blog is to get rid of Google Friend Connect.

*Sad face* I do have to say that it pains me to have to do so. I treasure each and one my readers and I don’t want to have any reason to lose any of you, but unfortunately the fate of Google Friend Connect is not determined by me. Google has decided to disable Google Friend Connect for all non-blogger sites in March of 2012 (Beauty Nerd is hosted on WordPress). You can see there announcement here. Since I’m sure most of you have gmail and/or facebook accounts, I would love if you would switch over to following us on Facebook or Google Plus instead. Would you help a girl out, pretty please? :)

On a lighter note, I was surprised to discover that Beauty Nerd was chosen as one of the 101 Beautilicious blogs of 2012 on Drop of Pink! Hooray – thank you followers for nominating our little blog. It definitely came as a big surprise and I only have you to thank for it!

Ok, taking a deep breath – and getting rid of my google friend connect widget in the next couple of days… sigh!


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