School Tools {Part 1 – invest in quality brushes}

Happy Family Day or President’s Day Beauty Nerds! This week, I am scrambling to try to finish all my work before I head to NYC, so I could not be more thrilled that my dear classmate Karina is guest blogging! Her 2 part post (first part today, second part on Friday), showcases some of her latest and best beauty discoveries… so without further ado…

As we are into our last term of our MBA program (wow!) I am starting to think that it’s time to grow up a bit and be responsible (darn) so that I can live up to those three letters that will soon come after my name. I figured one of the first things I can do is start to look the part of an MBA grad which means updating my wardrobe with a bit more sophistication. I’m leaning towards higher quality pieces and not necessarily the bargain basement H&M and Forever 21 items that I usually pick up. This also led me to look into my makeup routine and my makeup brushes.

As a student, I am all about saving money and spending less where possible but I have discovered that skimping on my makeup brushes is not one of those places to do this! I decided to bite the bullet and invest in some good quality makeup brushes. For many years, I have been using the cheap drugstore brands and my fingers to apply my makeup. And there is nothing wrong with either of those choices but after making the switch, I noticed the following:
They don’t hurt! You may not believe this but the concealer brush I was using was actually almost scratching my undereye area, it was so coarse. I was amazed when I used my new concealer brush how soft and smooth it was (and of course ashamed at how long I was using that painful brush for…)
I use less product. I don’t know why this is exactly but I don’t need as much concealer, foundation or any other makeup product when I use my new brushes. This is great because I feel like I’m saving money in having my products last me longer which helps cover the cost of the higher quality brushes.
Application is much smoother. Although I don’t wear foundation that often, for the days that I need to look a little extra polished (like a big meeting or grad photo sitting!) I like to apply a good quality foundation. However, I absolutely hate looking like I’m wearing foundation due to dryness, cake-iness and uneven application. With the right brush though, I can achieve an almost flawless natural look with a medium coverage foundation. With my cheaper brushes, I never wore foundation because I could never get it to look quite right.

So which brushes did I buy? I don’t normally like to buy in sets or from the same brand (I like to pick and choose the best of each brand), but this time the reviews were hands-down in favour of MAC makeup brushes. They are fairly pricey but extremely worth it. The ones I am currently using are:
195 Concealer Brush for my Estee Lauder Smoothing Creme Concealer recommended by Miss Beauty Nerd

188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush for my Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation – when I need to look polished this is the perfect foundation

187 Duo Fibre Brush for my Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Pressed Powder – I’ve gotten several compliments on my skin after switching to this powder and applying it with this brush!

Of course when you invest in good brushes, you need to take care of them so I clean them once a week using the DIY brush cleaner method from Michelle Phan. This really does work and it’s very simple and cheap!

I’m glad I made the decision to use higher quality brushes. This is all part of our journey in growing up I suppose (sigh). Let me know what your favourite makeup brushes are!

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