School Tools {Part 2 – hair essentials}

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I’m in NYC!! I’ll be attending an all day media conference today and then looking forward to reconnecting with old friends over the weekend… Lucky for me, the wonderful Karina shares {part 2} of her guest blog today!

In addition to buying new makeup brushes, I also decided to purchase a higher quality hairdryer. My cheap drugstore purchase has lasted me many years but I was curious to see what these other more expensive higher quality hairdryers had to offer.

I usually like to do a lot of online research before I make a big purchase but it is difficult with hairdryers since there are so many options and I don’t have much experience in this area. I ended up buying one online at Flat Iron Experts because they were having an additional 20% Black Friday sale. Not knowing anything about hairdryers, I went with one of their best sellers that they recommend on their website.

They post their top 3 best hair dryers and I chose the best budget friendly one: The Babyliss Pro Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer in red. The total came to about $100 which is certainly more than I’ve ever spent on a hair dryer but I was pleased that it was shipped for free in Canada.

♥ I can dry my hair in about half the time! This is really helpful for me since I have been growing my hair for a while and can no longer “wash and go” as I used to. I love that drying my hair is so quick now.
♥ My hair is much smoother after I dry it. I don’t know if this is due to the ions or the ceramic technology but I can certainly tell a difference after using this hair dryer than my previous ones.

♥ It’s a bit heavier than I expected and I am a very petite girl. For some reason I was assuming that it would be very light when it is pretty much the normal weight of a hair dryer.
♥ The buttons are located right where I hold the hair dryer so sometimes I am changing the speed or the heat by accident.
♥ The concentrator nozzle attachment keeps coming off which can be slightly annoying.

Overall I would recommend this hair dryer but I would not say it’s the best one out there. I am happy with my purchase and certainly happy that it takes me less time to dry my hair.

Now I am on the hunt for good online hair tutorials to teach me how to style my long-ish hair now. I find that it is difficult to find good quality hair tutorials on YouTube. Any suggestions for me Beauty Nerds?

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