Shu Uemura’s Rouge Unlimited Sakura Collection

It’s not a coincidence that I chose to feature a gorgeous Japanese beauty brand today. I feel deeply saddened by the tragedies in Japan and I cannot believe that it was only a year ago that Peter and I were there on our honeymoon. It has made me reminisce about all of the beautiful and artistic designs that left me so inspired. I was like a little girl in a candy store, wanting to purchase and take in everything – the intricately wrapped and well-engineered products, food that looked almost too pretty to be eaten and a vast selection of Japanese beauty products with innovations that I had never seen before. Well, Shu Uemura exemplifies one of those Japanese beauty brands, coming out with collections season after season that never cease to amaze me. This spring, they launched their Rouge Unlimited Sakura Collection in a translucent and modern package that looks so luminescent, it makes you daydream of all the new blooms this season will bring. Inspired by cherry blossom colors, the lipsticks are formulated with their new “sakura hybrid pigment” which gives a beautiful tint of pink during the day, gradually morphing to a shade of mauve by night. The lipsticks are available in 6 shades.

But more important than any beauty product, is the help and support that Japan needs from us today. Let’s help their cherry blossoms bloom once again. Please find it in your Beauty Nerd heart to contribute to Japan’s relief efforts and help them restore their beautiful country. You can easily make your donations through the American Red Cross or Canadian Red Cross. For those of you who have friends or family in Japan, and for my Great Aunt who resides in Kyoto, we are sending you our love, thoughts and prayers…


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