One of the coolest things about being in business school is getting to meet other entrepreneurs who are going after their dreams. A couple weeks ago, I met one such exceptional individual when she came to our Entrepreneurship class as one of our guest speakers. Her name is Jacqueline and her company Soak Wash makes “the leading liquid laundry detergent for delicates.” Have you ever wondered how to properly wash your lingerie or your finest knitwear? Personally, I’ve ruined some of my favourite sweaters trying to wash them with regular detergents, so I could not wait to put this product to the test.

Yesterday, I took my beloved peachy-pink Club Monaco cardigan (100% wool) and tested it with Soak in Lacey (Lacey has such a sweet, feminine scent – I could keep sniffing the bottle all day :))! All I had to do was pour 1 teaspoon of Lacey in a basin of cool water and soak my sweater for 15 minutes. Then, I carefully squeezed out the water and laid it flat to dry – according to Jacqueline, there’s no need to rinse! Why? Because the dirt and detergent actually comes out in the water, leaving your garment clean and fresh. I’m so happy to discover Soak Wash because this will cut down on my dry cleaning costs significantly and now I don’t have to hesitate buying all those pretty sweaters I am currently coveting from Anthropologie!

So what’s a laundry detergent doing on a beauty blog, you ask? Well aside from the pretty packaging (which you already know is one of my weaknesses), Soak comes in a lovely selection of fragrances which seem more like beauty-type fragrances rather than detergent-type fragrances. Choose from scents like Celebration, Aquae, Citrus, Flora, Lacey or if you have an aversion to fragrance – Scentless (retails for $16 for 14 oz or $10 for a 4 oz bottle). You’ll also be happy to know that Soak is biodegradable, phosphate-free, dye-free and can even be used in your washing machine!

Jacqueline also showed me her new launch of foot creams called Heel. The texture is creamy without being too greasy and the cucumber-scented cream helped me bid adieu to dry, cracked heels. To intensify the moisturization effect, wear your coziest knit socks after smearing on some Heel – your feet will feel baby soft… (retails for $10 each).

Soak and Heel can be purchased directly off the Soak Wash site or if you want to physically check them out in store, click this link for the list of retailers. Don’t forget to add these items to your Black Friday shopping list!! Happy Thanksgiving…


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