{SOS} My brows have gone MIA

Hi Miss Beauty Nerd,
I’m in need of your recommendations! I have thin eyebrows (due to overplucking) and I love filling them in but i would love to be able to wash my face and not feel like something is missing.. Help! What brow enhancer/serum actually works?! Thank you!

Hi B,
Ahh yes, this is definitely a mishap I can relate to. There’s nothing worse than going a little tweezer happy only to realize that you have outdone yourself ;)! Luckily, there are a couple of pretty good brow/lash enhancing formulas out there that can come to the rescue. Here are my two favs:
{1} Tarte MultiplEYE Lash Enhancer – The formula is pricey ($65), but the high-tech peptide that stimulates hair growth makes it worth it. Although this product is marketed for lashes, it will pretty much have the same effect on brows. While of course the effects may vary from person-to-person, their clinical tests reported that 90% of panelists saw an increase in lash thickness. I’m definitely a believer!
{2} Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum – They don’t call Anastasia the ‘Arch Queen’ for no reason. It’s not a surprise that she has one of the better brow enhancers on the market. This gel formula contains a cocktail of vitamins and proteins to nourish follicles back to health. Be patient though – I do find that results can be gradual. Make sure you apply 2x per day for best results. ($36)

And there you have it – two brow savers to relieve you of your plucking sins! Let me know how it works out… good luck!


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