Spotlighting a cosmetic pioneer: Charles Revson

When seeking for inspiration, I love immersing myself in beauty trends from the past. Perhaps part of this inclination comes from hearing stories relayed by my grandmother, who worked for many years in the cosmetics industry, as an account executive and makeup artist trainer for companies like Revlon, Dorothy Gray and Helena Rubinstein. So today, I thought I would dig a little deeper into my grandmother’s era, and find out a little more about the beauty industry as she knew it. Since Revlon is one of the companies she often talks about (it used to be a prestige company, and not mass, she would often remind me), I wanted to share some fun facts about Charles Revson, the creator of Revlon.

♥ When Charles Revson did not get promoted in the cosmetic company in which he was employed, he decided to start a business of his own.
♥ He started Revlon in the middle of the Depression.
♥ Revlon’s first products were nail polish, bursting onto the scene in 1932.
♥ Charles Revson was well known for first introducing the matching lipstick and nail polish concept, creating a beauty phenomenon that swept across the nation.
♥ Known to be abrasive and an extreme perfectionist, Charles Revson was a mastermind for figuring out ‘what women want.’ This combination of traits has made Revlon one of the most legendary, billion-dollar global success stories of all time.

“In the factory we sell cosmetics. In the store, we sell hope.” – Charles Revson

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