Stella The Print Collection

I’ve been rather disenchanted by new fragrance launches in the last couple of years. It seems as though every company is spewing out a slightly different version of the same thing – am I right? Think about it – almost every fragrance is inspired by either romance, sex appeal, a celebrity, or some sort of alter ego. The messaging, and quite frankly the juices itself, all feel and smell somewhat commercialized and inauthentic. For this reason, you will seldom see me blog about fragrances at all. The brands that I am drawn to are hard to come by. I typically seek fragrance brands that feel more intimate, yet luxurious but in a non-pretentious kind of way… akin to the artisan perfumes I experienced in Paris.
But lately, I did discover a trio of gems that I could not stop coveting ever since I laid my eyes on them… and they are from Stella McCartney’s limited edition Eau de Parfums from The Print Collection. Inspired by her Spring/Summer 2011 fashion collection, the bottles are adorned with a vintage take on her signature botanicals. Aren’t they so pretty?

Each one of these scents are warm, sensual and brimming with femininity. They even contain notes of one of my favourite flowers.. peonies. My only wish? That it wasn’t limited edition…

Have you tried Stella’s Print Collection eau de parfums? Which one is your favourite?


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